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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Vanguard Way: Edenbridge to Forest Row

Vanguard Way: Edenbridge to Forest Row and onto East Grinstead
Length: 20.6km (12.8miles) to Forest Row.
including section from Forest Row to East Grinstead 25.9km (16.1 miles) via the Forest Way.  Route includes a 3.6km link there and back to Plough Inn, Dormansland for lunch.

Catch the 10:07 from London Bridge arrives at Edenbridge Town at 10:45. Buy a day return to East Grinstead. Return from East Grinstead xx:06 xx:36

This walk makes use of the online Vanguard Way walk directions by Colin Saunders. (The last SWC section from Oxted to Edenbridge was on Saturday 9th March.) Continuing: Set off from Edenbridge Town station using the Vanguard Way (North-South) fully revised Section 4 Edenbridge to Forest Row now avoiding a busy stretch of road walking. At the end of 4.7 take Dormansland link for 1.8km for Plough Inn TQ405 427

The Vanguard Way (North to South) From the suburbs to the sea! Section 4 Edenbridge to Forest Row (6th edition 2019) via new route in the Edenbridge area



Anonymous said...

Here at Edenbridge Town at 10.45.No one else here. Weather's quite good. Gavin

Gavin said...

I went on to Seaford to join the walk from Southease. Met Jim, and understand there are 12 people on this walk. I guess there might be dozens on the Mortimor walk. The weather is good. High pressure keeping the clouds up in the sky along Seaford point and cuckmere haven. Walked across the beach to the edge of the First sister . Calm and lovely walking. Gavin