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Thursday, 20 June 2019

An Enchanting Epping Evening

Thursday Evening:  Loughton to Epping (short option) T=swc.197

Distance:          Approximately 5 miles or 8 km for those more metrically minded

Difficulty:         3 out of 10

Meet:                At the entrance/exit to the Loughton Underground Station (Central Line)

Time:                18:30 – but if you miss our departure, you can certainly catch us up along the way…

The plan for this evening is to do the short version of the Loughton to Epping walk by staying on The Centenary Walk (a wide forest track) heading northeasterly towards Epping and enjoying a meal or some drinks either on the outskirts of or in Epping afterwards…. It should be quite a nice time of year for this evening walk through Epping forest with a nice canopy of leaves.

More information about the route can be found here. As there are no detailed instructions for the short walk, I would suggest printing out the map page from the OS Map tab which shows the short route with a dashed blue line. Once on The Centenary Walk, the route follows a clear wide track to Epping….so route finding should be straight forward…..

Return travel is via the Central Line which runs until “well after 23:00”.

Enjoy the walk!

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone going on this walk? Gavin