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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday Walk: Hassocks to Lewes

Book 1, walk 29. 18 km 11.2 ml.  Difficulty 5/10.

Up the hill to Jack and Jill
Then tumble down to Plumpton town.
Hey diddle diddle Half Moon Inn then back along the top again.
Along the way we will behold a hilltop fort and ponds of old.
To continue on our South Downs walk, we march back down like the Duke of York.
Along the Ouse in seven-league shoes, then up through the castle into Lewes.
We’ll be Countryside Code compliant in case we meet the local giant.

(One of my greatest works.....would you believe they've given that Poet Laureate job to someone else. Again!)
Get the 09:25 Brighton train from Victoria (09:32 Clapham Jct, 09:42 East Croydon) arrives Hassocks 10:24.
From Lewes, trains return direct to Victoria at xx:21.
Get a return to Lewes.
Lunch: the Half Moon 01273 890 253, Plumpton. (A nice pub that involves descending and re-climbing the downs. Some prefer to picnic on top.)
Tea: several places spring to mind
The Lewes Arms a homely pub with good beer, beside the castle walls in Mount Place. One of Mr Tigers favourites, not that he drinks much anymore.
The White Hart once a 16th Century coaching inn, now a quaint posh place on the High Street.
Ask restaurant
The Garden Room Cafe, closes 4:30
Directions  here


Tony said...

Hey Mr. Tiger. Thanks for posting a favourite walk. Does the outbound Hassocks train arrive at 10:24?

Mr M Tiger said...

So it does. text corrected.

Kae said...

Six off the train, who caught up on the ridge and one who missed the train so meet us at the pub in Plumpton so n=8 . W=sunny-with-lots-of-wind . There were beautiful views along the ridge with some tumuli on the way. Most picnicked on the ridge, which was spectacular. Three went to the pub and two joined later, where our last member joined the group. As always, there was some splintering after lunch, and two had missed the trail as they were having a great conversation. Five of the group met up in dribs and drabs in Lewes for either tea or some well deserved ale. All in all a great day out.