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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Wednesday walk Ockley to Warnham - Rural delights and bluebell woods 'twixt Surrey and Sussex

Book 1, Walk 47 - Ockley to Warnham

Length: 16.5 km (10.3 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

London Victoria: 10-25 hrs     Horsham service via Epsom   CJ 10-32, Sutton 10-54 hrs
Arrive Ockley: 11-33 hrs

Warnham to Victoria: direct service at 16-18, 17-18, 17-46, 18-16, 18-46, 19-16 and 20-18 hrs.
Service via Horsham: 16-39, 17-39, 18-09, 18-39, 19-02 and 19-39 hrs

Rail ticket  a day return to Warnham will suffice, although a day return to Horsham any route permitted will give you the option of returning via Horsham if you just miss a direct train.

This walk has a lovely out-of-the-way, rural feel to it, with no traffic noise (although during the morning the tranquility can be spoilt by overhead 'plane noise if Gatwick's landing - take off paths are overhead today - let's hope they are not). Bluebells should be in full bloom in the many woods we walk through today. You have a choice of two very good pubs for your lunch stop - The Punchbowl in Okewood Hill requires a short detour from the main route - described in the Directions - and the Scarlett Arms in Walliswood - a favourite of mine.
After lunch you walk through farmland and more woods as you head for Warnham - for tea at the Sussex Oak pub. Allow at least 20 mins from this pub to Warnham railway station, some 1.3 km away.
Walk Directions here  L=1.47

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