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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Chalfont and Latimer to Chesham

This is a map led walk exploring a route from Chalfont and Latimer to Chesham

Getting there

Catch the 10:05 Metropolitan Line Amersham Service from Baker Street (9:46 from Aldgate and 9:57 from Kings Cross but please check) to Chalfont and Latimer arriving there at 10:50.
Chalfont and Latimer is in Zone 8 and Chesham is in Zone 9, so make sure you have a suitable Oyster or travel card for your starting zone and these zones. 

Length: 12 km (about 7½ miles)


OS Explorer 172 and 181 1:25,000

A GPX file is available at

Toughness 2/10

Getting Back

Catch a metropolitan tube at 27 or 57 minutes past the hour from Chesham underground station. 

More Information

The Red Lion has closed on the Chorleywood to Chesham Walk, and the Bedford Arms is a more formal establishment. So this walk explores The Crown and The Swan pubs which are adjacent to each other on Ley Hill near the village of Botley about two thirds through the walk

Many have recommended the quirky Drawingroom in Frances Yard at Chesham for afternoon tea before heading back to the Metropoles


Bill S said...

If you miss the 10.05 Met from Baker Street you can get the 10.27 Chiltern Line Train from Marylebone to Aylesbury which gets into Chalfont and Latimer at 10.58, eight minutes after the Met line train.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill
Will aim to make the correct one.

Mike A said...

Thanks Bill
Nice to have a "plan B" in case there are any problems on the Metropolitan line.

Gabriella said...

I’ve got both maps, but am unable to access or download the gpx files with the actual instructions. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m just checking that there will be others doing this walk that have the details of the route. If not I’ll do another one today
Look forward to hearing back from you !

Mike A said...

Intend to be there with a paper map gadget with online map

Gabriella said...

Thanks , I’ll rely on you then to help then !

Anonymous said...

31 on this walk on the platform at Chalfont Latimer - a ridiculous number for a new map led walk but then when we set off it turned out that a lot of them were not with us.
When in the Chilterns as ever the talk quickly reverts to sex. I don't know if this is because of the walkers that tend towards the Chilterns or if in fact it is an influence of the Chilterns - Hell Fire caves are just up the road.
First we discussed wife swapping (and presumably as it is a misogynist term) which became swinging which maybe these days has been superseded by dogging to discussing Fascinating Aida and their song on cheap flights - see here

And if you want to see more videos by Fascinating Aida have a look here and you can see a selection including one on Dogging but be warned this is not for those who maybe offended, I found it quite shocking.

For the lunch break there were 2 pubs literally side by side but being well exhausted after a gentle 5 miles ( the steep hill in the walk description is wrong - it is a gradual gentle slope) we didn't have the energy to get beyond the Swan to the Crown, say 15 metres further.
Food was overall fairly good but one of our group had a nose in The Crown as we were leaving and suggested that the Crown would have been better. Next time then.

The lunch gave us all time to discuss the afternoon route which was generally decided to be too short at about a 45 minute walk to the station so we all agreed to a diversion resulting in an overall walk of 9.8 miles.

It was a lovely walk with fields and woods and lots of bird song, kites, a buzzard, a crocodile, a dead crow on a tree (none of us could work out how it got there or why) and a group of llamas / alpacas.
A few bluebells but thankfully they haven't taken over in this area.
Wonderful views of rolling hills and verdant valleys and archetypal English scenes with cows grazing and dappled sunlight in very green pasture and large flat ploughed fields with brown woods behind (and a discreet caravan park but least said)

At some point people discussed Greta Garbo and which film the line ‘I vant to be alone’ came from (Grand Hotel in case you are interested) but I missed most of this conversation as I did on Philosophy
The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of heaven mix for ever
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single;
- another thing about the Chilterns is I always overhear cracking conversation

Weather was w=grey-with-occasional-sun-and-a-few-spots-of-rain and supposedly hail as reported by the sandwich eaters whilst most were inside enjoying the lunch.

We all finished at The Dressing Room for tea and cake and they did a vegan versions of a Mars bar and a Bounty bar generally taken to be absolutely delicious and nowhere as sweet as the real thing.
n=11 participants as it happens

>><> ><> ><> */*

Mike A said...

Following on from the missive by Anonymous, the n=11 enjoyed the stunning views over the Chess Valley.
Hedgerows sported new blossom and the sun broke through the thin grey clouds particularly in the last half hour of the walk despite the air temperature which was "reet nippy" as Yorkshire folk might say.
Many thanks to the Chilterns Walk Monitor, the Arts and Crafts adviser and others for their suggested tweaks to the walk which I intend to write up shortly.
The location of the Pubs was well over the half way though the walk and the nearby village green had plenty of benches for those with packed lunches making it an ideal location for the midday stop.
Good luck to Seb who is intending to walk 2500 miles for Charity over a twelve month period.
All took tea at the Drawingroom and six caught the 4:27 Tube with the remaining four the 4:57 while Seb continued to Great Missenden to keep his mileage quota on track.
PS Posters who post walks ending in Chesham might like to mention the evening gigs at the Drawingroom. (The owner tells us the tube service runs up to just after 11pm. Gigs need to be booked, start at 7:30pm and include an evening meal)