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Sunday, 28 April 2019

Sunday Walk – Bluebell woods on the Surrey/Kent border

Extra Walk 135b – Oxted to Edenbridge
Length: 17 km (10.6 miles). Toughness: 3/10

09:40† East Grinstead train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 09:47, Norwood Jct 10:04, East Croydon 10:09), arriving Oxted at 10:33. Buy a return to Edenbridge Stations.

Trains from Victoria are taking 10-15 minutes longer than usual because they're being diverted via Norwood Junction, but that might make an easier connection from places in south-east London: eg. a West Croydon Overground service arriving NJ at 09:52, or the 09:46 Ore train from London Bridge arriving at 09:58.

Return trains from Edenbridge Town are hourly at xx:10 and go to Oxted. Change there (or at Hurst Green) for East Croydon and Victoria, etc. Your ticket would also be valid via Redhill from the other Edenbridge station at xx:44, changing there for East Croydon and London Bridge.

There should be some good displays of bluebells on this fairly gentle walk on the Surrey/Kent border, with a new section through Ridlands Grove making a nice taster before the main course in Staffhurst Wood. I've chosen this walk's alternative afternoon to Edenbridge because it makes an extra loop through Staffhurst Wood after lunch (plus it doesn't get posted very often: its last outing was in 2013). However, you can of course buy a ticket to Lingfield and do the longer afternoon route if you wish.

You should reach the Royal Oak on the edge of Staffhurst Wood before 1pm. It's got a large beer garden with nice views, but if it's too cold to eat outside you might struggle to get a table for Sunday lunch. In the past, however, I remember being able to get a late pub lunch at the end of the walk in Edenbridge, so you should survive. If you just want a hot drink at the end of the walk there's a Costa Coffee, open until 5pm.

† Late Risers could take the train half an hour later and do the shorter start from Hurst Green, saving 3 km. However, that would miss out the attractive stretch through Ridlands Grove.

You'll need to bring the directions from the Oxted to Lingfield walk page. If you're definitely planning to finish in Edenbridge, clicking the word 'Alternative' in the Walk Options heading will significantly reduce the amount printed.

1 comment:

Tony said...

n=8 walkers alighted at Oxted station to be be greeted by w=overcast-and-cool weather. Two further walkers were spotted walking the same route but, after friendly enquiries, they were not part of the SWC group.

A very pleasant walk through undisturbed woodlands and meadows populated with joyful lambs and well groomed horses. After some initial (mild) disappointment there were impressive displays of Bluebells in Staffhurst Wood - the overcast weather making photography much easier.

The Royal Oak pub was busy and service not quick but the food was on the better side of standard pub fare with a diverse menu. Most were picnicking but joined us for a drink and patiently waited for all to finish their meals.

On arriving in Edenbridge we met in Costa's (alternatives being closed on a Sunday) and made the 17:12 train.

Thanks due to the diligent work of our volunteer walk maintainers.

A fine day out in good company.