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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Saturday Walk Berwick to East Dean via Birling Gap

Berwick to East Dean via Birling Gap T=swc.129

Length: 13.3 miles (21.3km) 5 out of 10 (16.2km (10.4 miles) missing out Birling Gap)

This walk uses the same start as the Berwick to Seaford walk also on this site, following a relatively flat route across fields to the village of Wilmington at the base of the downs, with fine views of its famous chalk cut figure, the Long Man of Wilmington. After Wilmington you go right to the base of the Long Man and climb up onto the downs, crossing their lonely centre to the picturesque village of Jevington, with stunning views en route. After that you climb onto long ridge, with more fine views, to the village of Friston, and descend to the sea at Flagstaff Point, the central point in the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, walking over three of the Sisters to Birling Gap.

Trains: Get the 0916 Eastbourne train from London Victoria (Clapham 0922. East Croydon 0932). Arrives Lewes 1024. Change to the 1047 Hastings train arrives Berwick 1056. Buy a return to Eastbourne. Note that the journey planner may suggest a change at Polegate.
For the return you get the bus from East Dean to Eastbourne. There also seems to be an ESS bus from Birling Gap, the last one at 1718 (from the Plusbus website). I don't know the bus fare, but it might be worth adding PlusBus to your train ticket. Trains from Eastbourne are xx00 & xx25

Lunch: Early lunch at The Giant’s Rest in Wilmington (01323 870207) after 3 miles, or a late lunch at the Eight Bells in Jevington (01323 484442) after 6.6 miles (the choice of the most recent outings).

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n=2 w=not_as_bad_as_expected_in_fact_quite_pleasant

2 on this walk, I heard. They extended it to Eastbourne.