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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Hurst Green to Chiddingstone Causeway

CW2 16 Hurst Green to Chiddingstone Causeway
Length: 21 km (13 miles). Toughness: 6/10

Catch the 9:07 from London Bridge arrives Hurst Green 9:38.

Bluebells should still be in full bloom.

Direct return trains from Penshurst xx:22 until 22:22, 23:11 changing at Tonbridge / Redhill (23:11)

Travel advice: Linear walk, out on one line and return on another, both lines are operated by Southern. A return ticket to Hever should suffice for the return journey from Penshurst.


Anonymous said...

n=8 off the train. The weather W=sunny_with_cloud_and_then_some_hail_and_rain_at_the_end . The group splintered pretty quickly due to some confusion on the way forward. Some had old instructions or knew the way anyway, and there was some discrepencies with the GPS. There were at least four discreet groups of people walking who never saw each other again after lunch, so I can't comment on their experiences. The larger group of three enjoyed a picnic just past the pub. There was even a lovely table and chair set out at a footpath junction that would make a great picnic spot just before lunch. Tea was enjoyed at the pub at the end (very large tea pots!) whilst drying off after the deluge. Then a mad dash to the train. Great walk! I hope everyone else enjoyed it too.


David Colver said...

As Karen says, those who had downloaded the GPS recently had different directions from those who had kept the file from a year ago, and neither were consistent with the written directions at various places.

Four ate together at The Fox & Hounds, which, according to the walk notes, "serves good enough food". That wasn't my opinion. I am fairly sure that nearly everything had been extracted from the freezer, with a neighbouring table served a very unappetising supermarket style burger.