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Friday, 19 July 2019

Friday Walk - Through the Vale of Evesham and up Bredon Hill with grand views of the Cotswolds and Malvern Hills: Sedgeberrow to Pershore

Length: 28.3 km (17.6 mi) [shorter and longer versions possible, see below]
Ascent/Descent:  530/532m; Net Walking Time: ca. 6 ½ hours
Toughness:  8 out of 10 

Take the 09.21 Worcester Foregate Street train from Paddington (Slough 09.37, Reading 09.52), arrives Evesham 11.12. Then start the walk directions with a tour through Evesham’s very pleasant town centre and take the 540 Bus to Sedgeberrow at 11.49 from the bridge over the Avon. If the train is running late, skip the tour through Evesham and take the bus from the town centre at 11.48.
For details of where the bus stops are, follow the walk directions.
Return trains from Pershore: 17.47, 18.59, 20.16, 21.16.
Or stay in the area for Saturday’s and/or Sunday’s walks. Convenient accommodation is available along the train line in Evesham, Pershore, Worcester, Great Malvern, Colwall, Ledbury and Hereford. Train ticket costs to all those destinations from Pershore are fixed and below £10.00.

“This long walk between two elegant Worcestershire market towns on the banks of the Avon is set in the heart of the Vale of Evesham, famous for its market gardens and fruit growing and Cotswolds views. The towns are surrounded by stunning countryside and set in the shadow of Bredon Hill, a 5 km long outlier of the Cotswolds. The route passes through the Abbey Precinct in Evesham and follows the Avon to pick up a tributary, the Isbourne to follow it through the Vale of Evesham to Sedgeberrow.
You walk through pastures to Dumbleton and rise through a beautiful clump of minor hills past Dumbleton Hall, a large Country Estate and descend through woods back into the valley, heading for the impressive Bredon Hill, a 5 km long range rising above the lunch destination, Ashton under Hill.
The post-lunch ascent is of the tiered kind, revealing ever further views south along the Cotswold Escarpment down the Vale of Gloucester. On a clear day, you’ll see the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons and eventually, from the Iron Age hillfort site at the top of Bredon Hill, the imposing Malvern Hills range 20 km to the west. Descend through woods and pastures, pick up the Avon for a short stretch and reach Pershore, also graced with an abbey. The station though is some way beyond the far end of town.
Various options to shorten the walk – either by bus, by a shortcut or an alternative ending or a combination of those – are described.”

Walk Options:
Bus 540 from Evesham (Bus Station or Leisure Centre/Avon Bridge) to Sedgeberrow also continues to Ashton under Hill, the lunch destination.
A Shortcut from Sedgeberrow to Ashton-under-Hill cuts 5.7 km/3.5 mi and 111m ascent.
An Alternative Ending at Elmley Castle’s pub and then a bus (Lines 564/565) from there to Pershore or Evesham cuts 8.4 km/5.2 mi and 72m ascent (Mon-Sat; last to Pershore at 15.05, to Evesham at 16.14). Should you have missed the last bus, an agreeable walk route to Evesham is shown on the route map.
There are also several bus lines from the centre of Pershore to the outlying train station (cuts 3.2 km/2.0 mi; last at 17.50).
For a longer Walk, walk the full walk from Evesham w/o the bus to Sedgeberrow, but take an earlier train to get to the pub on time…

Lunch: The Star Inn in Ashton-under-Hill (11.4 km/7.1 mi, food served to 15.00).
Tea: Plentyful options in Pershore, Elmley Castle and Evesham. Check the webpage or the pdf for details.  
For walk directions, map, height profile, photos and gpx/kml files  click here. T=swc.323.a


PeteG said...

An alternative accommodation site....

Chris L said...

I imagine that those doing the full weekend of walks will be staying in various places in the Malvern area. Could we identify where we'll be staying to see whether it's practical to meet for an evening meal on the Friday or Saturday evenings? Lindsey and I will be in a B&B in Malvern Link, within reach of Great Malvern.

Thomas G said...

Fair comment. Difficult to book something up before we know how many people turn up though. Am staying in Great Malvern myself and there are a good variety of establishments available for a group meal and/or drink in the heart of Gt. M., at the end of the walk route (but 10 mins from the station down the hill), from a gigantic Wetherspoon or The Mount Pleasant Hotel to a couple of small pubs, a wine/cider dealer/bar and some restaurants (incl. a large ASK Italian). Although the best beer pub is near the station...

Walker said...

I am staying in Great Malvern, though I won’t be on the Friday walk due to other commitments. I hope to join the group for dinner, though.

Thomas G said...

Due to a change of plan for one walker, a cheap Advance ticket for the 09.21 train is available (£15.00). You would have to get a return ticket for the evening yourself (£27.70 with Railcard). If interested, send an email to me (if you have my address) or to saturdaywalkersatyahoodotcodotuk

Thomas G said...

Due to a change of plan for one walker, a couple of cheap Advance tickets for the 19.12 return train on Sunday are available (£20.00 for two). They are only valid though with a Two Together-Card and for two people travelling together! If interested, send an email to me (if you have my address) or to saturdaywalkersatyahoodotcodotuk

Thomas G said...

2 took the 8.21, 3 had driven up the day before, 14 off the 9.21, 2 off the 10.21. The 2 early starter and 1 of the car drivers walked the full Monty, 34km walk, the rest took the bus to Sedgeberrow as posted after the initial walk through Evesham. The late starters walked at length through Evesham and took the second bus all the way to the lunch pub. 5 of the Sedgeberrow buses walked the shortcut and were never seen again. 1 of us had come up just for the day, all others are staying on.
There had been a long heavy downpour while we were still on the train (but which hit the early starters) then it stayed dry to about 4, which meant fine views to The Cotswolds and surrounding smaller hills and into the Vale.
Then the heavens opened and never really shut (it's still raining as I write this). So, no Malvern views. One diversion was needed early on due to an unspotable path through a rape oilseed field, else it was mostly good walking.
The majority of my subgroup then raced through Pershore along the main road to catch the 19.22 to Malvern, only the walk author and one of the car drivers followed the route as prescribed through the Avon Meadows (and then new housing estates).
N=21 w=dry-to-mid-afternoon-then-very-wet