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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Welcome Back British Summer Time with the Classic Eastbourne to Seaford

Book 2 Walk 28 (in reverse): Eastbourne to Seaford  t=2.28

Distance:  13.6 Miles or 21.9 km for those more metrically minded (with a shorter 10 mile option available by catching a bus at Exceat)

Difficulty:  9 out of 10

Train:  Take the 9:11 AM Three Bridges train from London Bridge (stopping at East Croydon at 9:25) and involving a bus replacement between Three Bridges and Lewes, then another train from Lewes to Eastbourne, ultimately arriving at Eastbourne at 11:10.  Return trains from Seaford are at 29 and 59 past the hour until 20:59 (and also involve a bus replacement). Buy a day return to Eastbourne. 

A special walk for a special day….sorry about the engineering works….which does make transport a bit complicated…..but there is reason behind the madness... For those willing to brave the rail replacement, you will be met for late elevensies at Beachy Head by a few others on an alternate start…. Besides, what better way to welcome back British Summer Time than with a walk along the iconic Seven Sisters….This is a challenging walk with lots of ups and downs but can be shortened to about 10 miles by catching a bus at Exceat to Seaford. You can find more information about the walk and download the walk instructions and map here. For instructions from Eastbourne station to Beachy Head, the instructions for SWC 60 may also come in hand....

The recommended lunch spot is the National Trust Café at Birling Gap with afternoon refreshments at the Cuckmere Inn in Cuckmere Haven. Traditionally, Trawlers in Seaford offers a good fish chips for eat-in or take-out.

Enjoy the walk!


Walker said...

Trawlers was closed for a revamp a few weeks ago, but may for all I know be reopened now. If not, the Plough Inn does respectable food.

Stargazer said...

On a w=bright-and-breezy-day, a group of n=11 gathered for late elevensies on Beachy Head for this iconic seaside walk to welcome back British Summer Time. The views were far and wide and the day was long and leisurely punctuated with a few refreshment and hydration stops. Three opted for a bus at Exceat; while the rest carried on towards Seaford and the setting sun....A memorable day in great company....