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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Sunday Walk: Milford to Godalming

Book 1 walk 20 t=1.20
11.5 miles, 18.5 km. Difficulty: 6/10.
The Greensand Way, a church with fishy flourishes, Winkworth Arboretum, a historic waterway, and, finally, Godalming's ancient High Street. Don't leave Hascombe, the recommended lunch stop, without admiring the interior of St Peter's church. Honestly, you have to look inside.
Trains: Get the 10:00 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 10:09), arriving Milford 10:55. Return from Godalming at xx:56. Get a return to Milford.
Lunch:The White Horse, Hascombe (01483 208258). Large groups should phone to book. The Merry Harriers in Hambledon (01483 682883) is an earlier possibility.
Tea: Hector's on the Wey, at Farncombe Boat House. There are also places in Godalming.
If you have a map, it is possible to cut 1 km off the end of the walk by diverting to Farncombe Station from the Boat House. Trains leave Farncombe at xx:59.
Directions: here.


Anonymous said...

HI guys anyone attending this walk tomorrow?

Fi said...

Yes I am

Anonymous said...

Hi Fi glad you are attending. See you on the train or at Milford station. Taking the 10.00 train from Waterloo. Weather should be fine till 16.00.


Frankie said...

After disentangling ourselves from a ‘private’ group of walkers there were ten of us on the platform at Milford. N=10 The rain held off until 4pm and even then it was more of a drizzle so we walked in pleasant mild mainly overcast conditions.
I must have been walking too quickly (surely not) to realise that one person failed to rejoin the group after disappearing behind a bush in the morning. We hope that was by choice. Another stopped at the Merry Harriers for an early lunch.

St Peter’s church in Hambledon was open, as has been the custom for the last three years apparently. Having admired it we then inspected the two ancient yew trees in its grounds before four of us climbed to the top of Hydon’s Ball where the view was atmospheric.

No imagination was required to appreciate the cherry blossom in The Hurtwood and then on we went to Hascombe where seven of us picnicked around the very handsome church and village pond.

The next highlight were the camelias in Winkworth Arboretum, although now past their best. Arriving in Godalming we found Hector’s On the Wey cafe open and serving tea and cake. A fine end to a very pleasant day.