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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Oxshott To Ashtead (or Epsom)


Length: 20km (12m)
Toughness: 3 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:33 from London Waterloo, arriving at Oxshott at 10:07. Return trains from Ashtead (or Epsom) are frequent. From Epsom (one stop closer to London than Ashtead) you can go to either Waterloo or Victoria. Since Oxshott and Ashtead are on different lines which merge at Effingham Junction a ticket to the latter should definitely cover both legs of the journey.

This is a lovely walk through woodlands and commons not far from London, following in part what feels like remote stretches of the river Mole before climbing up onto the Ledge, a steep escarpment above the river. 2/3 of the walk is before lunch at the Star followed by a walk through pretty Ashtead and Epsom Commons which display a mixture of wood and grasslands with a few ponds thrown in. You can also end the walk in Epsom and have tea in the cosy Cricketeers Inn, a pub next to a duck pond. If you do that, I recommend to follow the "backway" along the railway line to the station and thus avoid the main road.


Anonymous said...

Epsom now Oysterable.

Sean said...

Yes, Epsom finally got added to the Oyster network three weeks ago. It will be more useful for any walk to or from another Oyster station, but be aware that the station is outside Zone 6 and so a Zone 1-6 Travelcard or Freedom Pass is NOT valid there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for the Oyster info.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys hope to some of you on this which I have done before. See you at Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

n=13 set out from Oxshot under a typically w=lid-on-the-Tupperware-box-sky. Service at the lunch pub was average. The majority took the longer afternoon route to Epsom, w
Just 3 walked to Ashstead. The morning section was around two thirds of the total walking. Weather brightened a little in the afternoon. Beer in the Woodman at Ashstead was of variable quality. Four return trains an hour made for an easy return journey.