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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Vanguard Way: Oxted to Edenbridge

Vanguard Way: Oxted to Edenbridge T=LDP.22
Length: 21.1km (13.1 miles) 14.9km (9.3 miles)

Catch the 10:07 from London Bridge arrives at Oxted at 10:35. Buy a day return to Edenbridge Town.

This walk makes use of the online Vanguard way walk directions by Colin Saunders. (The first SWC section from East Croydon to Oxted was on Saturday 15th December 2018.) Continuing: Set off from Oxted station taking the 2.3km Eastern link section (with ref. to the VW) from Oxted station - ref. box section after para 2.8 - to then join the Vanguard Way following the section 2 directions until the end of the section 2 directions at paragraph 3.1 Limpsfield Chart for the pub lunch stop at The Carpenters Arms , Limpsfield Chart. (8.3km into the walk.)

After lunch make use of the Section 3 directions (plus section 3 map), until para 3.6, to then take the Northern Link to Edenbridge.


PeteB said...

Browsing my March edition of S.E. Walker magazine I came across an article about the up-dating of the Vanguard Way with a new edition of the route to be published in April. This includes a completely new route in the Edenbridge area covered by Sections 3 and 4. This has been done to re-route the walk along public footpaths so it avoids the once quiet country lanes of 1981 which have now become uncomfortably busy. The web site mentions the overall updating but no new details.

Sean said...

The new route will affect the next leg of this walk, not the one posted. The current route beyond Edenbridge includes a particularly nasty stretch along Dwelly Lane and it looks like the revised version will be published before DAC posts the next section.

Anonymous said...

Which document from do I need to download for the directions please?

Anonymous said...

N=17 on this walk with w=occasional_sun.
Curiously this walk started off north from Oxted Station so that we had to cross the M25 by a bridge and we then caught our official route The Vanguard Way. Here we turned right to walk within ear shot of the M25 and then right again to cross the M25 this time going south.
After this it was south all the way with the M25 gradually fading into the distance.
Lunch at The Carpenters Arms was to a mixed reception as the two who ordered sandwiches were severely disappointed with their £7.50 repast but others seemed to enjoy the hot food
After lunch we set off at different times and paces but a lot of us met up at Edenbridge Town Station where the chat about the walk may best be summarised as "Not the best part of the Vanguard Way" and "It was better after lunch"
Good views, occasional mudy stretches, lots of hard stretches and Edenbridge Town is looking a bit tired and in need of a spruce up - shabby but not chic
Yours One of the sandwich eaters