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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Sunday Walk: Guildford Circular via Compton

13.4km (8.3 miles) Difficulty 2/10
A pleasant outing from Guildford, visiting Watts Gallery and Chapel, and Loseley Park .
Trains Get the 10:00 Guildford train from Waterloo (Clapham Jct 10:09) arriving Guildford 10:48.
Fastest return trains at xx:01 or xx:31
The Withies Inn in Compton (01483 421158) is the suggested lunch stop for this walk. A friendly rural pub serving food 12-3pm.
Watts Gallery tea shop in Compton (01483 813590), 5.7km (3.5 miles) into the walk, serves a range of light meals (including vegan options) from 12-4pm , with sandwiches and cakes served 10.30am to 5pm.
Plenty of options in Guildford, the self-service restaurant of Debenhams, open till 5pm Sunday, has an excellent selection of cakes, and a beautiful view overlooking the River Wey.  For other options, explore  the town’s high street, or there is a Costa Coffee at Guildford station.
The Watts Gallery in Compton is dedicated to the memory of Victorian artist G F Watts. It costs £11.50 to get in (£5.75 with an Art Card). The gallery has some impressive paintings and is currently hosting an exhibition on Christina Rossetti. Near the gallery, the beautifully decorated Watts Chapel is worth a look - and free.
Directions: here
Pages 1-5 and 10-12 will suffice for the circular. The sections you need are
  • Guildford station to the North Downs Way 
  • To Watts Gallery via North Downs Way 
  • Watt's Gallery to Loseley Park
  • Loseley Park to Guildford


Sean said...

You'll have to keep yourselves separate from a group of Capital Walkers who will also be spilling out of this train at Guildford and starting off alongside the Wey. They'll then be heading off in the other direction so your paths are unlikely to cross again unless you happen to meet up on the train home.

Tony said...

n=2 set off in w=constant, alternating drizzle and light rain. After a fireside lunch at the recommended pub we braved strong winds and horizontal rain as we followed the river Wey back into Guildford. Sandy soil made for firm paths and not too much sticky mud. A bracing walk with some atmospheric views.

Anonymous said...