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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sunday walk: The Hampshire hangers

Petersfield to Liss
Length: 16.6km (10.3 miles) Toughness: 5/10

09:30 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 09:39) arriving at Petersfield at 10:43.

Return trains from Liss are at xx:29 (journey time 1 hr 19 mins). Buy an off-peak day return to Petersfield.

This lovely walk is mostly through unspoilt countryside, much of it following a section of the Hangers Way, which runs along a series of steep-sided wooded hills, known as “The Hangers”. It includes a very steep ascent of Shoulder of Mutton Hill, with spectacular views from the top. A gentler ascent is described in case the main route is too slippery.

The recommended lunchtime pub, the Hawkley Inn (01730 827205), 6.6 km into the walk, welcomes walkers but is usually busy, so do phone ahead to reserve a table.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.



Anonymous said...

HOPE TO ATTEND THIS WALK as well provided i am not tired out after Saturday Halsemere to Midhurst walk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Request for walk for Sunday 24th Feb

Could a Sussex/Berks/Hants walk be put on for the 24th that is a few miles longer than the current Effingham offering for that day, please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It seems Monica was not the only one clapped out by Saturday’s walks, as just n=6 turned up for this outing in w=splendid-spring-sunshine-turning-cooler-and-darker-after-lunch. All but one (in training for a charity challenge in Ethiopia’s mountains) took the longer route up Shoulder of Mutton hill. The fully booked Hawkley Inn (the locals book two months ahead, allegedly) served some rather good snacks at the bar. However this proved inadequate for one discerning gourmand, who, desirous of a proper table setting and a full luncheon with all the trimmings, set off to find another pub where such was said to be available. She has not since been re encountered. The rest returned to town on the 16.29.

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to attend this walk but like you said I was clapped out but not by the walk it was the dreadful high and bad stiles that did my shoulder and wrist some damage. Could not use my left hand shoulder and wrist properly even with the splints. I believe there are numerous stiles on this walk. Perhaps next time when my wrist and shoulder are better I shall attempt this walk.

Anonymous said...

Lol ! Kind of you to call me a gourmet, I fear that I’m just plain greedy. Anyway, all is well, I found a pub serving food and enjoyed a nut roast; not so good as the grub on offer at the Hawkley Inn, but it sufficed. Made it to Liss in time for the 3.30, but that was by walking mainly on roads. From what I saw on the first half this is a beautiful walk.
See you next time !