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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Evening walk

CW1 Walk 43*  - Otford Circular
Length: 11.2km (7 miles)

Catch the 17:22 train from London Victoria, arrives Otford 18:00. Return trains from Otford 21:56, 22:25, 22:56, 23:36

Will stop for a drink / meal at the Ye Olde George Inne or The King's Arms, Shoreham.

*Skipping section via Otford Manor with short cut at TQ 54378 59926 to TQ 54884 60004


DAC said...

Intend going..

Stargazer said...

A record setting n=4 for this final winter evening walk of the w=initially-dusk-turning-to-dark-clouds-clearing-later-to-reveal-an-almost-full-moon.

We set off on the planned route; then opted for a shorter route with some further discussion of how much the end, two regained the original route and two carried along the alternate route....both groups meeting in Shoreham where not one of four pubs were serving food at 8pm!!! So, on we went to Otford with the moon just beginning to peek out from behind the clouds....

After a leisurely meal, two caught different trains back to London and two walked different routes to Sevenoaks….

Nature highlights included some very chatty owls and a bat....