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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Sunday Walk Beautiful Bucks around Beaconsfield

Book 1 Walk 10: Beaconsfield Circular T=1.10

Distance:  11.9 Miles or 19.0 km for those more metrically minded 
Difficulty:  4 out of 10
Train:  Take the 9:43 AM Stratford-upon-Avon train from London Marylebone, arriving at Beaconsfield at 10:12. Return trains are at 03; 36 and 45 past the hour.  Buy a day return to Beaconsfield.  
This Book 1 Bucks classic has not been posted for a spell; so thought that it would make a nice Sunday saunter. In addition to the gentle rolling hills of Bucks, the route takes in some interesting bits of history associated with the Quakers and Pennsylvania….You can find more information about the walk and the instructions here.
There are several options for lunch in the village of Chalfont St. Giles with Merlin’s Cave being the recommended venue.  There seems to be a few places speckled around Beaconsfield Station for post walk bevvies with Jungs (about 100 meters past the railway bridge) being most promising for tea and the Revolution (passed en route on arrival back into Beaconsfield) for stronger stuff.
Enjoy the walk!


Anonymous said...

Worried about getting lost if I'm alone. Is anyone doing this walk?

Anonymous said...

Hoping to!

Frankie said...

N=8 off the train plus 1 latecomer who walked anticlockwise hoping to meet up so n=9 altogether.
Yet another perfect day for walking. W=warm–and-sunny throughout. For those who like some shade there were long stretches in the morning through woodland where the only people out and about were those on horseback. Otherwise it was just the odd woodpecker that disturbed the tranquillity. At Chalfont St Giles we all picnicked in the sunshine on benches in the green before moving to the chairs outside Merlin’s Cave for some stronger stuff.
Five minutes into the afternoon walk we met the lone latecomer who failed to persuade us to return to the pub with him. The highlight of the afternoon was the garden of the Friends Meeting House which was particularly peaceful because the house is closed until March. The low point was navigating a diversion on the other side of Beaconsfield golf course where they seem to be building a new road. The shortcutter who took the train from Seer Green may be happy to read this. Once back in Beaconsfield we bumped into the indefatigable latecomer who this time persuaded two to join him in the Revolution pub. Two others preferred Costa coffee and three caught the 17.03 train. You missed a good walk and a lovely day, Stargazer!