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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday Walk: Shiplake to Henley - with shortcut

Shorter route 13.7km, 8.5 miles, Full walk 17.7km 11.1 miles
Toughness 4 out of 10.
Along the river and through woods, with views over the unspoilt Thames valley.
Rotherfield Greys' church contains an impressive Tudor memorial, the Knollys Tomb. From Rotherfield Greys, unless you’re Billy Whizz or can see in the dark, the shorter, more direct route to Henley is advised.
Train: 09:45 Reading train from Paddington (9:53 Ealing Broadway) changing at Twyford for the 10:38 to Henley (platform 5) arriving Shiplake 10:45
Return from Henley at  xx23 and xx53, changing at Twyford
Get a return to Henley on Thames.
The suggested stop is the Maltsters Arms (tel 01491 628 400) in Rotherfield Greys, serving food to 3pm Sunday
An alternative is the earlier Bottle & Glass in Binfield Heath (tel 01491 412625). where food is served 12 - 4.30pm on Sundays.
The Chocolate Café (tel 01491 411 412) on the waterfront is recommended (open to 5pm). The station is 5 minutes away.
There are also a large number of pubs in Henley. Yay!
Directions: here
If sustained heavy rain has made the first stretch along the river impassable, take the alternative route from Shiplake to High Wood rejoining the main walk at Binfield Heath by the Bottle & Glass. (Being 3km shorter, this might also give you enough time for the rest of the full walk).

1 comment:

Mr M Tiger said...

N=8 on a day that was w=mild-overcast-a-bit-breezy-on-higher-ground 3 Billy Whizzes soon sped off out of sight, leaving 5 Terry Tortoises following at a moderate (but still respectable) pace. We didn’t stop at the Bottle and Glass but it has changed notably from the sleepy dilapidated pub I remember - a whole playing field of cars parked up outside and looking a lot more posher than what it used to. The Maltsters had a “Muddy Boots Welcome” sign on the door and they were quite friendly and accommodating, despite being busy. By the time we arrived there, Billy and Milly Whizz were leaving to follow the full walk, the rest of us, as far as I know, intending to pursue the shorter ending. Mr Tiger, the slowest of the tortoise group, left early, expecting to be overtaken by the others on the final stretch. But they weren’t seen again.