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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Sunday walk: The Eden valley and the Greensand ridge

Edenbridge to Westerham (short ending)
Length: 11.6km (7.2 miles) or 17.8km (11 miles) Toughness: 4/10 or 8/10

09:43 Dover Priory train from Victoria (Bromley South 10:00, Orpington 10:07), changing at Tonbridge (arr 10:25, dep 10:29) to arrive at Edenbridge at 10:43.
Or 09:52 East Grinstead train from London Bridge (East Croydon 10:09), changing at Oxted (arr 10:33, dep 10:38) to arrive at Edenbridge Town at 10:47.

Starting from Edenbridge Town adds 1.8km to the distance. Although both routes merge a short way north of Edenbridge, those starting from Edenbridge Town will initially find themselves about 20 minutes or so behind the main group, but can expect to catch them by lunchtime.

From Westerham, the 246 bus runs at xx:26 to Hayes (28 mins) and Bromley South (40 mins) stations. The 401 bus runs at xx:36 to Sevenoaks station (18 mins) for regular fast trains to Charing Cross.

The walk begins with a slow climb from the Eden valley up to the Greensand Ridge, and continues past Churchill’s home, Chartwell (NT), and Emmetts Garden (NT). The shorter ending proposed for today has not been posted for four years, and takes you direct from Chartwell to Westerham in 4.8km, which may suit those still suffering from festive over-indulgence. However, those with greater energy should have enough time to complete the main walk.

The recommended lunch stop is The Royal Oak in Crockham Hill (01732 866335) - booking essential. A reliable alternative about 2km further on is the National Trust tea-room/restaurant at Chartwell, which can be visited without paying for entry to the property.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.



Anonymous said...

Hi Anyone attending this walk? Hope those who had lunches at the Chaser Inn at Shipbourne made it to the Sevenoaks station in the light before darkness set in. Hope to see some of you on the train or Edenbridge station.

Anonymous said...

Think I decide to do the Hayward Heath walk as trains are better and also no need to rely on buses from Westerham. Besides I have not done this walk before and thus its my chance to do it now. Hope to see some of you on the Hayward Heath walk.

Chris L said...

n=7 - 5 old lags + a young couple doing their own thing, on a w=cloudy_but_mild day. The famous five rejected the pub stop and continued to Chartwell, arriving in dribs and drabs. Perhaps age is sapping our energy, but at least four then chose the short ending direct to Westerham, most arriving in time for the 2:30 bus. The usual fine views from the Greensand ridge were partially obscured by a thickish mist.