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Friday, 28 December 2018

Oxford Circular - Port Meadow, Rivers Isis and Cherwell, Oxford Canal then Oxford's Colleges

Book 1, Walk 13 - Oxford Circular

Length: 15.2 km (9.4 miles)
Toughness: 1 out of 10  [a bit more if the towpaths are flooded and / or the route is muddy]

London Marylebone: 10-06 hrs   Oxford service
Arrive Oxford: 11-09 hrs

[Allow plenty of time at Marylebone station ticket office as shoppers for Bicester Village might be out in vast numbers]

Return: 15-41, 16-11, 16-38, 16-56 and later

In recent years during the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day I have arranged a family meet-up at the homely Plough pub in Wolvercote Common - and always very nice, too. My horde travels by car - and I fit in this easy, flat walk.  We have other plans for this year - but that is no reason for my abandoning my customary visit to Oxford for a short winter's walk and a good lunch. You are all welcome to join me !

Leaving Oxford station we head for the River Isis, and soon the fun can begin. If it has been raining heavily for a week or so, sections of the tow path are likely to be flooded - to top of walking boot level, sometimes a bit above. With some careful walking on top of path-edge wooden battens you can often by-pass the worst bits. But if the water is too deep you can resort to returning to the junction with the Oxford Canal and reversing an afternoon leg of the walk. But hopefully we will make it along the tow path to come out beside Port Meadow, to follow meadows beside the river all the way to Godstow Lock and then the ruins of Godstow Abbey. Then its over a road bridge and over Wolvercote Common into the village of Wolvercote for lunch at the Plough.

After lunch we walk for a while along the Oxford canal. As I have visited Oxford on many an occasion  I will probably head straight for the railway station by staying beside the canal. If you wish  to follow all or part of the Walk Directions and do all or part of the tour of the colleges (it's safe to do so in failing daylight) you are welcome to do so.
Your Walk Directions are here: L=1.13


Anonymous said...

I hope to walk


is there a train via Ealing B or are there
engineering works

Merry christmas Marcus

Marcus said...

Hi Jane

....and Happy Christmas to you !

You can travel from Ealing Broadway at 09-18 hrs on Didcot Parkway service, changing at Slough (arrive 09-43, leave 10-03) onto Oxford service, arriving Oxford 10-50 hrs. Please wait for the Maryleboners who should arrive at 11-09 hrs. Or take the service from Ealing Broadway 30 mins later, again changing at Slough, arriving Oxford 11-22 hrs- and walk fast to catch up with the Maryleboners ! But probably best to make your way to Marylebone if you can to catch the posted train.

Kind regards

Marcus said...

Just n=2 of us set out on this walk on a w=lovely-sunny-day, in near perfect winter walking conditions. No flooded paths today and very little mud as we ambled over Port Meadow, enjoying the sunshine. We arrived at the Plough Inn just before it became very busy with family groups. Well fed and watered, we then took the direct route back to Oxford along the Oxford canal for an early train home.
An enjoyable relaxing day.