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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Lewes to Brighton - an alternative contumacious, but also as it happens, a somewhat slightly less arduous jaunt

The South Downs and Brighton

This is for those of you who may wish to mingle with the Hassocks to Brighton walkers in the evening and who might struggle with the 12 or so miles and ups and downs their walk entails.  
This is an alternative map led (gpx)  walk which keeps the distance down to under 9 miles or 14km with an estimated difficulty of 3/10 and a total ascent of 363 metres.

The route initially follows the Lewes to Saltdean walk until just after Kingston (about 3.5 km into the walk where it leaves this route and continues in a south westerly direction to Woodingdean. I would suggest the Down Hotel 01273 390 860 for standard pub fare as a lunch venue (but I've not visited there) 

The afternoon leg of the walk swings by the racecourse before descending into east Brighton where there is a chance to meet up with the hardy Hassocks to Lewis walkers for potential evening revelries.

The GPX route (essential) may be downloaded here  

Catch the 10:16 am Eastbourne/Littlehampton train from London Victoria to Lewes (10:23 am from Clapham Junction, 10:33 am from East Croydon). Arrives at Lewes 11:23am
If memory serves, a day return to Lewes should suffice. 

Last train from Brighton back to London St. Pancras is at 00:04am



Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike A
I can do this one - the others are all a bit beyond me

Bridie said...

Oh good lord what can I write
N=12 hardy or maybe foolish souls got off of the train and having got on to the transport in strong sunshine were expecting similar. However when we alighted (detrained) it was grey. Talk of 'oh it might rain but not until after lunch' reassured us all. The reality is it w=rained-and-blew-a-gale but thankfully the temperature was quite mild. It was orrible for us but then again the wind-farms must’ve loved it.
It was quite a slog up hill most of the way before lunch but in fine weather it would be a wonderful walk with excellent views. We passed Jack or Jill or just a windmill and a transmitter which were great landmarks to sort of tick off on the way to lunch
Lunch at Down Hotel was much welcomed by 10 of us and the other 2 came in as soon as they had finished their sarnies. For a point of interest in future they have regular pub fare but with Vegan and Vegetarian and GF options which suited me, a reduceatarian, ideally.

We all had one course in the pub but after took different courses. Being soaked through, or having other places to be, 7 of us took the bus after lunch and as to what happened to the other 5 party goers, I have no idea. Though it does seem to be downhill all the way after the pub.