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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Hayes Circular


Length: 9.5 km (6 m)
Toughness: 1 / 10
Transport: Take the 10:07 from London Charing Cross to arrive at Hayes at 10:55. Hayes is in Zone 5, so Oyster card can be used. Return trains are at xx:08 and xx:38. Buses can take you to New Addington and the tram or to Bromley.

A short walk through 3 commons.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if you want a longer walk (there being something of a preponderance of very short walks this week...), you could stay with the group on this walk as far as its halfway point in Keston and then do the Hayes to Knockholt walk (SWC walk 82 - 16km/10 miles). Trains back from Knockholt seem to be operating normally at 14 and 45 past the hour

Anonymous said...

...or you could go on one of the long-ish walks posted... But maybe that's too straight forward?

Mr M Tiger said...

N=12 turned out on an w=unseasonably-mild day for this convoluted walk round 3 wooded commons. Almost unbelievably, Mr Tiger kept up with the group. The whole way. (Probably a good thing as he would almost certainly have gone adrift with so few landmarks).
The preferred pub, the Fox, was packed out so the majority decamped to the Greyhound – a welcoming pub that served large portions. Very dog-friendly too with many of the mutts, big and small, in evidence, d├ęcor to match, and dog snacks and ‘beer’ on offer. What a shame we didn’t have a dog.
One walker did an extended version of the route but most were happy with the six-miler. This ended abruptly at 2.15 when Hayes station hove into view.

Anonymous said...

I diverted to Addington just before the end of the walk to pick up the tram connection to East Croydon. The route took me across Coney Hall recreation park, through an open valley and Threehalfpenny wood, arriving in Addington just after 3 pm. This could be an alternative ending, with the pubs in Addington Village as a tea stop.