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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Sunday Walk: Tring Circular or Tring to Berkhamsted

Book 2 walk 5
Tring circular: long: 10.1 miles or short (omitting lunch pub): 8.3 miles.
Tring to Berkhamsted (omitting lunch pub): 17.6 km, 10.6 miles.
Difficulty: 5/10
This walk’s got trees (hopefully autumnal), it’s got views, and it’s got an easy journey. The basic circular walk includes a proper pub stop. The more adventurous of you could take a more sylvan route, no doubt dripping with autumn colours, through Ashridge to Berkhamsted. With daylight being short, that option would involve a shortcut, bypassing the pub and stopping at the NT cafĂ© for lunch. The same shortcut could also be used as part of a shorter circular walk. Your choice.
"Sylvan" eh? ..... how often do you see words like that on these pages?
Get the 10:01 Northampton train from Euston arriving Tring 10:36. Get a return to Tring.
Return trains from Tring at xx:14 and xx:35
Return trains from Berkhamsted at xx:19 and xx:40
Directions here 
Options: After Ivinghoe Beacon [4], the main walk takes you via the lunch pub in Little Gaddesden but you can take a shorter route (option a) to the Bridgewater Monument and its cafe. From there you can either continue through Ashridge to Berkhamsted (option b) or, if Mr Sun is looking for his pyjamas, follow the circular walk back to Tring.
If you're doing the main walk, your lunch stop is the Bridgewater Arms 01442 842408 in Little Gaddesden
If you're deploying the short cut, lunch is at the National Trust's Brownlow Cafe near the Bridgewater Monument (or you could descend to Aldbury for its two pubs).
If doing  the Main walk, you could stop at Brownlow Cafe or the Aldbury pubs.
If finishing in Berko, you'll find tea places in Berkhamsted High Street, e.g. two Costas and a House of High Tea at no. 61. A shortish walk east from the station along the canal takes you to at least two real ale pubs, the Crystal Palace 01442 862998 and the Boat 01442 877152. The pubs are shown on this unfortunately shaped map.
There are no tea options near Tring station.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys anyone attending this walk Tring circular or extend to Berkhampsted. Love to attend and look forward to see some of you on sunny Sunday.


PeteB said...

If you are hoping to channel that Wordsworthian "wandering lonely as a cloud" vibe then do not do this superb walk on a lovely w=sunny late autumn day. n=8 of us joined a caravanserai of meet-up groups, ramblers and families on the route to Ivinghoe Beacon. Just before there the group split with with 3 of us deciding to walk to the Bridgewater monument for a picnic lunch and then go on to Berkhamsted. The trail to the monument became fairly crowded and when we reached the cafe you would have thought an open air concert was taking place.

The lovely trail to Berkhamsted was virtually empty and the woodland and open countryside looked gorgeous in a shimmering glowing light. At Berkhamsted the 3 of us enjoyed scrumptious cakes and tea at "I love Food" at 25-27 Lower Kings Road and 200m or so past the station. Strongly recommend this is added to the tea stops for those who do this ending as you would be hard pressed to find anything better. Great cakes, warm welcome and plenty of space with tables on two storeys. 3.40pm train back for us. Hope the rest enjoyed their walk and whatever routes they took. Terrific day out.

Anonymous said...

Yes totally agree. Hoards of people up Ivinghoe Beacon and horrendous ques at Monument. Lots of nice picnic benches which I enjoyed. Was walking solo from Ivinghoe Beacon to Berkhamsted. Very peaceful route from Monument to BKM not a sole in sight till I got to BKM station I met up with 3 others who had tea and cake which I missed. Lovely day walk many thanks to the author AKA Walker.

Llama Pyjama said...

3 of us did the main walk and we had a great day, the views were stunning, the weather was good (if a bit nippy). We visited the church in Aldbury and we were delighted to find a fantastic carving of a 'Wildman of the woods' completely covered in delicately carved curly hair, with a garland of ivy round his waist, lolling at the feet of the recumbent effigy of Sir Robert Whittingham.
So the church is well worth a visit.