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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Saturday Short - Whyteleafe to New Addington or Hayes

We're going to trial a system to make sure there is at least one Saturday walk that is both 10 miles or less and toughness 4/10 or less every week.
During this trial period, if the normal three posts are all over ten miles we'll either post an extra walk or look at sharing one of the three posts, clearly identifying the shortened version of that post.

This is the first week of the trial and as the normal posts are all over 10 miles I've posted this Whyteleafe to Hayes with the shorter afternoon option.

Length: 7.3 miles (11.7km) to New Addington with a longer option of 10.4 miles (16.6km) to Hayes
Toughness: 3/10 or 5/10 for the longer option

Catch the 10:17 train from London Bridge (10:32 East Croydon) to Caterham, arriving at Whyteleafe 10:51

Tickets: Stations on this walk are all within zone 5 or 6, so use/buy an appropriate Oyster Card to cover your starting zone and zones 5/6.

The suggested lunch stop is at The White Bear, Fickleshole, (01959 573166) ( about two hours into the walk.

Full walk directions are here.

Download a GPX file here.

Trains back from Hayes are every 15 minutes with a final destination of Charing Cross or Cannon Street, journey time 40 minutes.

Trams back from New Addington to East Croydon Station are every 8 minute or so with a journey time of 24 minutes.  There are many fast trains from East Croydon Station to London Bridge and London Victoria Stations

I hope those of you who have expressed a desire to see a shortish Saturday Walk find these new posts useful!


Chris L said...

It's worth pointing out that the shorter afternoon option you've chosen finishes in New Addington, not Hayes. So today's walk should be called Whyteleafe to New Addington, not Whyteleafe to Hayes. Trams leave New Addington for East Croydon and West Croydon every 7 or 8 minutes.

Anonymous said...

N=11 on this walk with the w=mild-and-occasional-sun-but-with-the-continual-threat-of-rain
Lovely walk though slightly more inclines than expected.
Lunch at the White Bear was very good with waitress service and no fluster and good food and two great blazing fires - I could have stayed there all day.
With the sun shining after lunch and all of us having got our breath back and being refuelled we all ended up doing the 10 mile option, ( much to the chagrin of one walker who wanted to take the short cut but carried on with us )
Little to report except that there were horses in the afternoon with extremely thick necks which made a few of us wonder, Why?
The Well Wood in the afternoon is a wood of chestnut trees left over from the days of charcoal making so that should be excellent for chestnuts next year.
Tea in Hayes was at the regular cafe but they now have a back room with easy chairs and lots of room which was valuable as 9 of us made it and it was a nice finish to the day.
Puffing William

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this brilliant ideas. I fully support posting a proper country walk up to 10miles every week.