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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Sunday Walk – Groombridge Place and Harrison's Rocks

Extra Walk 236c – Ashurst to Eridge, via Langton Green
Length: 14¼ km (8.9 miles). Toughness: 3/10

09:51 East Grinstead train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 09:58, East Croydon 10:09), changing at Oxted (arr 10:33, dep 10:38) for the Uckfield train and arriving Ashurst at 10:59. Buy a return to Eridge.

Trains back from Eridge are hourly at xx:51 and go to Oxted, where you change for Victoria.

Apologies for another walk in the High Weald, but as Walker noted recently these can become horribly muddy in winter so there's an incentive to squeeze them in now (and this one hasn't yet had a Sunday posting).

This is in fact the first outing for this shortish variation via Langton Green, which breaks away from the main walk after an hour to go directly to this settlement on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells. You can either stop for a pub lunch here at The Hare or continue for another half hour to the Crown Inn in Old Groombridge, which features on several other walks.

The afternoon leg may also be familiar, past Groombridge Place and Harrison's Rocks along the course of the Spa Valley Railway to Eridge. The Huntsman pub next to the station is conveniently placed for refreshment while waiting for one of the hourly trains back.

You'll need to bring the walk directions from the Ashurst to Eridge walk page. Unless you might want to switch to one of the longer options, you can save several sheets of paper by clicking the ‘c. Alternative Walk’ option.

If you have trouble printing this document, check that you've got Print Size as 100% and Enable Shrink-to-Fit switched off in Page Setup. If that doesn't work, remember that you can download and print the PDF version from the walk page.


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