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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Saturday walk - Alton Circular - Autumn colours around Selbourne

Length: 20.4km (12.7 miles)
Toughess: 4 out of 10: a few hills only

Catch the 9.23 train from Waterloo to Alton, arriving 10.37

If you miss this, get the 9.30 Portsmouth Harbour train and change at Woking (arrive 9.54, depart 10.00)

From Clapham Junction, get the 9.27 Exeter St David's train and change at Woking (arrive 9.45, depart 10.00)

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

A positive tsunami of RMT industrial action on South Western Railway is on its way, but this weekend will be free of it, so I am sneaking in with this classic Hampshire circuit. Beyond its literary connections with Gilbert White and Jane Austen, an attraction at this time of year is the extensive areas of woodland before and after Selborne, which hopefully will be showing some autumn tints.

Lunch is at the Selborne Arms, which serves food until 2pm: it is 6.3 miles into the walk, so no shilly-shallying. Other alternatives include the tea room of the Gilbert White Museum (they will let you in without paying the entrance fee if you are only going to the tea room) and possibly the Coffee Room cafe, if that still exists, in the main street of the village.

Mid-afternoon the Rose and Crown pub in Upper Farringdon has re-opened (somewhat to my surprise) and could make a drinks stop. Only the superhuman will get to Cassandra's Cup, the tea room in Chawton, before it closes at 4pm, but the nearby Greyfriar pub ain't that bad a place. The backstop tea option is Costa Coffee in Alton, open till 6pm, and no doubt the town has a pub or two worth visiting.

Those eager to buy "refreshments" for the train might like to know that the Waitrose next to the station stays open till 8pm.

Trains back are at 15 and 44 past the hour. T=2.10

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