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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Saturday walk - Langley to Cookham - Berkshire beech woods

Length: 22km (13.7 miles) **
Toughness: 3 out of 10: I don't remember a lot of hills...

9.27 train from Paddington (9.35 Ealing Broadway) to Langley, arriving 9.52

Buy a day return to Cookham.

For more details of the walk click here. For GPX click here.

This subset of the West Drayton to Cookham walk was done with great success in March 2017 and passes through lovely territory mixing fine beech woods with more open sections. If there is still autumn leaf colour, this ought to be a good place to see it.

I realise that even this shortened version is still quite a long walk for a short day, but we are going to be making an early start and there is a slightly more than half moon today, which would illuminate the final stages a bit if the night is clear. (If the night is really clear some of us may even do a further moonlight walk along the Thames from Cookham).

Further detracting from its charms for some of you, it is another map-led walk, meaning you will be relying on the GPX file or being very nice to someone who has downloaded it or printing off the map on our website or using Explorer map 172. However, you are also on the waymarked Beeches Way for much of the route and last time we found the route fairly easy to follow. For the last three miles you are on the route of the book 1 Gerrard's Cross to Cookham walk.

You start by following the red route on the GPX up from Langley station, which soon joins the main green route.

There are lots of refreshment options. Just a mile or two into the walk, between Langley Park and Fulmer, there is a large cafe overlooking a lake, while in Fulmer there is a nice pub (where we ate last time) with another a little further on in Farnham Common. Farnham Common also has a Costa Coffee and two supermarkets and just beyond it there was a cafe in a forest-edge car park last time we did the walk. Later in the walk the Blackwood Arms in Littleworth Common might make a drinks stop, but you will probably want to push on at this stage to Cookham, which has three pubs and a Costa Coffee just beyond the station level crossing, open till 6.30pm

Trains back from Cookham are at 21 past the hour

** shorter ending is possible to Burnham station, which several walkers did on the last outing, though this really is map-led: ie you have to work out your own route on the map, cutting south through the woods after Farnham Common and then follow Crow Piece Lane. Looking at the map this does not really look much shorter anyway. T=3.189


Anonymous said...

is this walk 13.7 miles if no short cut taken?

Walker said...

OK, just checked on the GPX. Yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys looking forward to this walk and a good distance as well. Hope to see some of you at Paddington train station for 09.27 train. Weather dry and sunny too.