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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Saturday Walk: Oxted Circular

Main walk: 12.1 miles / 19.5 km
Longer walk with afternoon extension via Chartwell: 14.1 miles / 22.75 km

This walk explores the woodlands of the Greensand hills, with some fine views across the Weald.

Trains: Take the 10:07 Uckfield train from London Bridge (10:22 East Croydon), arriving at Oxted at 10:35. 
Return trains are at xx20 to London Bridge, xx23/53 to London Victoria. 

Lunch: Westerham is 5.5 miles into the walk and has many places to eat - three central pubs are the George & Dragon (01959-563071), the Kings Arms Hotel (01959-562990), the Grasshopper on the Green (01959-562926) 

Tea: Pass through Oxted station to reach Café Papillon at 54 Station Road West, open til 5pm. Also on the same side and right next to the station is the Oxted Inn, a Wetherspoon's pub.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bridie,
this walk looks interesting and I hope to attend. regarding Chartwell, will we have time to stop there or is it just a fleeting visit so to speak?

Anonymous said...

Up to you, Lily. This is not the Ramblers. You are your own responsible adult, your own boss.

Sean said...

In the interest of avoiding confusion at the start please note that the route out of (and back into) Oxted was significantly changed in May. If you follow an old set of directions or GPS track you'll be on a different route for much of the day. That's not a huge problem, but it would be a pity if you dragged everyone else along and no-one did the revised route as written.

Lily asked about visiting Chartwell. This walk doesn't really give you enough time for a full visit of the house and garden, since you won't get there before 3pm unless you have a very short lunch stop. There are no buses from Chartwell on a Saturday so you'll have another two hours walking back to Oxted afterwards (or an hour back to Westerham if you're prepared to take a bus from there). See the Walk Notes for more detailed transport information.

Anonymous said...

Also Chartwell house can get very busy so better to book ahead as they limit the visitors

Anonymous said...

Is GPX track not updated?

Sean said...

The GPS track on the SWC site was updated in May. I was trying to prompt people who've downloaded it in the past to make sure they've got the latest version on their device.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys hope to attend provided weather is not too wet and windy. Look forward to the updated version. Any takers for the the extension?



Anonymous said...

By the way, I think there is a bus running through the lunch place. Does anyone know the bus number and time table? Could be handy if heavy rain in the afternoon as the forecast appoints worse weather in PM

Walker said...

Full details of the buses from Westerham are in the walk directions under Transport. Click on the SWC.63 button at the top of the post.

Anonymous said...

From the past bus 246 goes to Bromley station or Orpington as I recall I think every 20 to 30 minutes. Hope this helps.


Mr M Tiger said...

About N=23 today. W=started-cloudy-then-rainy-getting-heavy-and-persistent
As far as I know, all made it to Westerham, having lunch in several establishments. Quite a few in the George and Dragon, After lunch, a sizeable contingent opted for the bus to Oxted - it were getting wet, weren’t it. But others, myself included, nobly pressed on, determined to earn their medal for the day.
I was behind the others and encountered navigational difficulties on Crockhamhill Common. I couldn’t work out the “fork left after the five way junction” and spent quite a bit of time trying to find either it or the Greensand Way it allegedly led to. However, with the persistence of a badger, and the cat-like homing skills of a, I did eventually find my way back to Oxted.

Frances said...

1 got a slightly later train and decided to do the short circular, omitting Westerham and lunching at the bus shelter opposite the Carpenters Arms. Although it was raining heavily at this point, the afternoon stretch was as enjoyable as the morning with lovely views and atmospheric woods starting to show their autumn colours. A very enjoyable short excursion.