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Monday, 24 September 2018

Monday Night Special Harvest Moon Walk to Leigh-on-Sea

Distance:          5.6 miles or 8.9 km for those more metrically minded T=SWC.268

Difficulty:         2 out of 10

Train:                17:31 Shoeburyness train from London Fenchurch St. Station, arriving Benfleet at 18:12 – buy a day return to Leigh-on-Sea

Return:             Trains back from Leigh-on-Sea are at: 20:33; 21:03; 21:33; 22:03; 22:12; 22:42 and 23:03

Another “transitional shoulder-season” evening stroll, but rather than a sunset, this evening the hope is to watch a Harvest Moon rise near where the Thames meets the sea on the way to Leigh-on-Sea…You may wonder why the walk is on Monday when the full moon is on Tuesday --- the reason being that the full moon is technically during the wee hours of Tuesday morning, meaning that it will rise almost 20 minutes earlier on Monday than Tuesday… better for an evening walk.  It should take about 2 hours to walk to Leigh-on-Sea – so time to have a meal in one if its many pubs before heading back to London. More information about the route can be found here

Ps: You may want to bring a head torch…but, hopefully, the moon will provide enough light on a straight forward route largely across open terrain…

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Stargazer said...

5 hardy souls managed to disengage themselves from the commuter masses disembarking at Benfleet from an extraordinarily overcrowded train to be met with 1 more waiting on the platform for a total of n=6 for this evening outing under w=clear-skies-followed-by-bright-moonlight. Some were surprised as we almost immediately launched up a steep hill (yes, in Essex) and towards the top of the hill crossing a field we were rewarded with a great view of Canary Wharf, the Shard and the City of London silhouetted against the red sky of the setting sun. Onward we went through some woods to finally emerge at the top of the hill with the large yellow globe of the rising moon ahead (really breath taking). The route then took as back down the hill and along the valley where we also admired Mars, Jupiter and Saturn before re-ascending to the ruins of Hadleigh Castle atmospherically illuminated in the moonlight. The moon provided ample light on the final descent to Leigh-on-Sea -- some complaining that it was almost too bright to see....We had a pleasant meal at the Crooked Billet before catching the 22:12 back to London.