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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Holmwood to Shamley Green


Length: 19km / 12m
Toughness: 8 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:25 from London Victoria arriving in Holmwood at 10:29. The return trip requires a bus journey from Shamley Green to Guildford. The bus times are:
63: xx:52 until 18:52
53: xx:12 & xx:32 until 18:32, then xx:22 until 22:22
There are many return trains from Guildford to London, some fast, some slow.
The walk author recommends to buy a day-return to Gomshall (see notes)
If you feel energetic you can also walk to Guildford using a map: Basically make your way westwards until just after Cranleigh Waters, then turn north until you hit the path along the River Wey Navigation which you follow into Guildford. This adds an estimated 8km to the walk.

Note: This walk is defined only by a gpx file. There are no walk instructions !
This is a pleasant woodland walk following mainly the Greensand Way passing several wonderful viewpoints.


Walker said...

Actually the walk author recommends you buy a day return to GOMSHALL, not Guildford. I doubt a day return to Guildford would be accepted via Dorking.

Dirk said...

Apologies, Peter, I corrected the post.

Salim said...

Is the Saturday walk really 8/10 toughness?
Will there be an early break-out point?

Anonymous said...

Hope to do this walk again did it last year led by aKa Walwith ker. Great wooded walks in the Greensand Way hills to climb and you will definitely enjoyed it. If I can get away from the workmen who is renovating my house I shall attend. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to say the walk last year was led by AKa Walker.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys I shall be attending this walk a respite from the workmen. Hope to see some of you at Victoria station. Weather good and not too hot.


Mark R said...

I believe there were five on the recommended train, another an hour later and two who started at Gomshall to make n=8 on this walk. All managed to meet up at the Royal Oak at lunch time - the King's Head is currently closed for renovations. The day w=started_sunny_but_became_cloudy_with_some_drizzle. Most caught the 17:32 bus to Guildford. Two stopped for a drink at the red Lion, one of whom then caught the 18:12 bus while the other walked on to Guildford.