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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Double Bill at the Science Museum - The Sun: Living With Our Star and The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution

Tonight, we are visiting the Science Museum taking advantage of the adult only late opening.  

The Sun: Living With Our Star tells the story of humankind’s dependence on, and ever changing understanding of, our star from golden solar religious artefacts in the Nordic Bronze Age (dating back to 1400 BC), to details of upcoming NASA and ESA solar missions.  Set at the centre of our solar system, the Sun's brilliant light shapes our sense of time, our health and our environment. The exhibition offers spectacular interactive experiences, unique artefacts and stunning imagery shed fresh light on humanity's relationship with our closest star.  
The museum offers 1/2 price entry for the late opening.  To book a ticket, please click here.  Book the 7:30pm slot.  Meet at the entrance to the exhibition at 7:25pm.  

The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution: Rulers of a sixth of the surface of the Earth, the last imperial monarchs of Russia, the Romanovs, enjoyed lives that glittered with unimaginable wealth and power—but the family mysteriously disappeared in 1918. Set against a turbulent backdrop of social upheaval and war between 1900 and 1918, this fascinating exhibition will explore the huge influence of medicine on the imperial family during this period. Discover the private lives of the Tsar and Tsarina and their children through unique artefacts, documents and photographs never before on public display in the UK, examine the crime scene and learn more about the advances in medical and forensic science which would transform the investigation into their brutal deaths.
The exhibition is free, but you need to book a ticket.  To book, please click here.  Book 8:45pm


Unknown said...

That's the day I was born on.

Anonymous said...

Hope it was sunshining....