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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Sunday Walk: Brockenhurst Circular: A walk in the New Forest

9.9 miles 16 km. Difficulty: 1 or 2 out of 10
An easy walk in The New Forest National Park. You cross Balmer Lawn, to the north of Brockenhurst, then enter a densely wooded part, emerging just south of Lyndhurst. After lunch, at one of two earmarked pubs, the route turns south though Gritnam Wood and Hursthill Inclosure before crossing the more open Black Knowl and returning to Brockenhurst for tea.
Trains: Get the 09:35 Weymouth train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 9:45) arriving at Brockenhurst 11.17. Return trains are at xx:09 and xx:34. Get a return to Brockenhurst. Note that the off peak return costs £39.90 (£26.35 with railcard).
Trains for both of today's walks leave Waterloo within 5 minutes of each other. Don't get the wrong one.
Lunch at either the Oak Inn, Bank (02380 282350) or earlier at The Crown Stiirrup in Clayhill (02380 282339).
Tea The Thatched Cottage, Brockenhurst is suggested
There are several pubs and cafes in Brockenhurst, including the curiously named Snakecatcher near the station. Don't ask about light bites - they're a bit viper-sensitive. Once you've serpent your money they'll tell you you've adder nuff. There is another bar but I think it’s mambas only. If you want bottled beer, they keep a krait behind the bar. (It's the way I tell'em).
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