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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Kings Sutton Circular

SWC Walk 176 - Kings Sutton Circular
Length: 17.2 km (10.7 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Catch the 9:43 from London Marylebone (changing at Banbury arr: 11:02 dep: 11:08) arrives Kings Sutton station 11:12. Direct return trains to Marylebone: 16:52, 18:49, 20:52, 22:21 else change at Banbury (catch northbound train: 17:58, 19:12, 20:08, 22:04)

An enjoyable walk courtesy of JB. Good news all the pubs are still open, here, here, here, here, here and here

Recent comment from an experienced and trusted walk checker for CW2
"Sun 29 Jul 18, 17:58
There are some great long views on this walk and much is out in the open across the large fields mentioned below, with less variety than for some walks. It's a shame therefore that the author did not point out some of the noteworthy features of the villages (apart from the pubs): churches in most of them have unusual features (e.g. medieval wall paintings in Croughton, spire and weird monument in Kings Sutton, tablets in Aynhoe), the fine Grammar School in Aynho, Anynho Park (grand 17th century house, Soane involved in design, gardens by Capability Brown) is private but one gets a very good view of the house from the road, handsome houses such as Souldern House and others.."



Mike said...

Good to see a rare outing to my native county!

DAC said...

Intend going.

Anonymous said...

The slow guy did the Banbury circular, which despite its eccentric walk directions, was rather nice. Pity about the now closed Black Boy, which the ex landlord told me was put out of business by the council closing the road outside his premises for six months.
Some well meaning locals then got it declared a community asset, preventing him from selling it as anything other than a pub for five years.
So he’s sitting put with a notice outside saying it will not (underlined) reopen. Said locals are unwilling to buy it themselves, however.
Broken Britain,eh?

Mike said...

I, in contrast, travelled via Reading and waited 40 mins for the official train, which of course contained no walkers! I made good progress to Aynho and Souldern but I couldn't find the path to Croughton and the local fisher folk were no help. I ended up scaling a high iron security fence and dropping down on to the B4100, a few metres North of where I'd crossed it earlier, so I gave up and returned to Aynho, where I encountered the first of the outgoing walkers! Long Buckby is another Northants village with a station.

Mr M Tiger said...

Reposted to correct the walk number (now n=4 )The day didn’t get off to a good start when our train couldn’t leave Marylebone because another was parked in front. :( This and further delays meant we missed our connection at Banbury and, with the next not due for two hours, the 3 of us started the walk from there, an extra 4 miles along the canal :( We were walking at different speeds, one faster than me and, get this, one slower. I last saw “fast guy” as we left the canal, racing to get to the Fox before they stopped serving. By now, “slow guy” had completely disappeared.
It took me a few minutes to get my bearings in Kings Sutton, marrying up the reverse canal directions to the official start. I was not best pleased to realise that I was passing the station at the same time as the two-hours-later train was due :( Did you know .... Kings Sutton is one of only two Northants villages to have a station? My mood lightened when the magic words “Short Cut” appeared in the directions, glowing like a beacon. Readers, I took that short cut. It took me to Charlton where I stopped for a little refreshment. That knocked 4 and a bit miles off. But I still did about 10, right? The pub was friendly but the beer was pale. Cider for me.
A pretty section followed, with rolling hills, mowed fields and before long I was back in Kings Sutton, nursing a pint in the White Horse. It’s a pretty walk, what I saw of it, with a very Cotswold feel to it, stone walls, stone houses, archetypal fields and hedgerows, friendly villagers (well the ones in the White Horse were,anyway). W=overcast-with-several-light-showers