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Monday, 13 August 2018

Impromptu Promming - Prom 42 at the Royal Albert Hall

Our second impromptu Prom event includes

Arvo Pärt Symphony No. 3

Greig Piano Concerto in A minor

Sibelius Symphony No. 5 in E flat major.

The Prom Starts at 7:30pm and you can find full details at

How to Prom in the Gallery

Get a queue number (raffle ticket) - you can pick one up from 9:00 am up to about 6:00 pm - the earlier the better.
You may often find the Steward handing these tickets out near Door 2 at the back of the RAH   - note only one ticket per person!

Alternatively it appears you may register with the RAH at and then book a gallery ticket from 9:00am to 12:00 on the day at - I suspect you have to be ready to go at 9:00am

Join us for a pre-concert picnic on the steps of Albert Memorial opposite RAH (weather permitting) from 6pm or just afterwards for a pre-concert picnic and chat - bring a cushion if you wish..
Head back to door 2 for at about 6:45 pm make sure you have £6 in cash or a contactless card to pay. Make sure you have no glass or wine bottles in any bags you're carrying (they will be searched)
Climb the stairs and enjoy the Prom!

There's more information about promming at

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