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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday Walk: Milford to Godalming

Book 1 walk 20
11.5 miles, 18.5 km. Difficulty: 6/10.
The Greensand Way, a church with a fishy finish, an arboretum, a historic waterway, and, finally, Godalming's ancient High Street.
Look out for galleting (decorative black stones in the mortar) on older houses  - and don't leave Hascombe without admiring the lavish interior of St Peter's church. Honestly, you have to look inside.
You go through Winkworth Arboretum on a public footpath. If you want to explore further, admission is £8.10, unless you're an NT member.
Trains: Get the 10:00 Haslemere train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 10:09) arrives 10:55.
Return from Godalming at xx:56 and xx:27. Get a return to Milford.
Lunch:The White Horse, Hascombe (01483 208258).  The Merry Harriers in Hambledon (01483 682883) is an earlier possibility.
Tea: Hector's on the Wey, at Farncombe Boat House. There are also places in Godalming - e.g. Costas, open till 5, Nero open  till 5:30, both on the High Street.
If you have a map, it is possible to cut 1 km off the end of the walk by diverting to Farncombe Station from the Boat House. Trains leave Farncombe at xx:59.
Walk Directions: here.


Anonymous said...

I did this one last weekend. There is a particularly muddy stretch near the beginning that went over my boots.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will be dried by now as it's been a very hot week.

PeteB said...

n=9 on this Book 1 favourite including one newcomer who enjoyed her day out. Weather w=overcast-but-cool-and-humid. Also a few flecks of rain were felt on the wind. An excellent day out with even a bit of mud which underlined the point that doing this walk before April would be a major test of how waterproof your boots were.

The walk was done at a reasonable pace and we reached the White Horse quite early. Justb 2 had a pub lunch.I was pleased to note the path to the pub had been "engineered"; in the past in any sort of wet weather it was a bit of a trial. We visited Hascombe Church which is quite "high" church" with its decorative interior. The group kept together and 5 of us had tea, cake (1) and a "magnum" (4) at Hectors on the Wey. The others continued on to catch the 3.56 train whilst we caught 4.27 which was pretty crowded. Good to go back to the "SWC roots" for this attractive predominantly woodland outing