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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wednesday walk Tring to Wendover - Grand Union and Wendover Canals, Tring Reservoirs - and Wendover Woods

Book 1, Walk 11 - Tring to Wendover

Length: 21 km (13 miles)  Short-cut available, reducing length to circa 10 miles.
Toughness: 6 out of 10   (one climb up into Wendover Woods, remainder of walk 3 out of 10)

London Euston: 10-24 hrs    Milton Keynes service
Arrive Tring: 10-59 hrs

Return: Wendover to London Marylebone: 15-56, 16-26, 16-56, 17-23, 17-58, 18-29 and 18-55 hrs

Rail ticket: a bit tricky as the two railways stations are on different lines. Either buy separate singles or an all zone travelcard plus singles at either end (from boundary of travelcard). Senior railcard holders - singles either side of your travelcard boundary

This walk had a recent weekend outing, but as I always enjoy this walk, here it is (again) as your Wednesday walk !
This is a walk in two halves; in the morning you walk beside a canal, then around large reservoirs before heading cross (flat) country and a vast field to your lunchtime stop in Aston Clinton, the usually very good The Oak pub (newly refurbished and extended). If there are four or more of you planning to have lunch, best 'phone ahead from Tring station: 01296-630466. Your e.t.a is 13-40 hrs.
After lunch, and the second half of the walk, your terrain is totally different: having walked around the edge of a M.O.D airfield, then along a canal towpath, you head up into the hills But note: you can avoid the hills by taking a direct route along the canal to Wendover, giving you a flat 10 mile walk outing. Otherwise, having climbed up into Wendover Woods you walk through them, resisting any temptation to release your inner chimp in the Go Ape centre. You then have a steep(ish) descent down to the outskirts of Wendover, to walk up through the town. Chocaholics stop at Rumsey's Chocolaterie: I  stop at the Shoulder of Mutton pub, close to the railway station.
Walk directions here L=1.18

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