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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thursday walk Faversham Circular - a Walk on the Wildside

Faversham Circular -  a mix and match with the Council's walk and our SWC 299 - Teynham to Faversham

Length: 14 km (8.7 miles)
Toughness: 2 out of 10    Mostly flat, beside the coast, through marshes and a nature reserve

London Victoria: 10-10 hrs   Dover Priory service      Bromley South: 10-27 hrs
Arrive Faversham: 11-25 hrs

Return: 16-02, 16-32, 17-02, 17-41 and 18-02 hrs

Note: you can also travel from St Pancras but the time saved is marginal and it's not worth the extra cost of the rail fare.

Mid-week walkers gave this walk a spin last August, and much enjoyed it. Since then Thomas G has incorporated part of Faversham Council's own "Walk on the Wildside" with a walk from Teynham to Faversham, and very good it is, too. But today the idea is to pick the best bits of both, in a round from Faversham !

The town is worth the trip on its own, with its historic buildings.

Lunch: The best pub is the Three Mariners at Oare, if you can get there in time - they like you to book  01795-533633 - your e.t.a 13-40 hrs  No matter if you cannot get in - there are plenty of eateries at walk-end.

You will need the Council's Directions for its Walk on the Wildside.
You will also need the Teynham walk directions here:  L=swc.299

1 comment:

Marcus said...

Just n=2 of us off the posted train at Faversham. Another four possible walkers were seen waiting on the platform, but as they had three massive Alsatian dogs with them, the two of us sped past them, to exit the station post-haste, without a backward glance - well, you know me and dogs.............
Fortunately, we were not followed, as we set out on the Council's Wildside walk, on a w=dull-and-overcast-morning-which-morphed-into-glorious-sunshine-after-lunch.
After the suburban start to the walk we were soon walking through the marshes and nature reserve beside Oare creek before heading along the coast, with a strong breeze driving us along. An inward leg then, through more marshes then farmland, then back to Oare, in time to stop for lunch at the excellent Three Mariners pub. We dined from their Walkers menu, and very good too, washed down with a few alcoholic drinks each.
Suitably refreshed, we switched to SWC Walk 299 for the leg back to Faversham via the long coastline loop that is the Saxon Shore Way. As it was approaching 5pm by the time we were back in town, we headed straight for the railway station for a service back to Victoria.
The Council's Wildside walk is a little gem and when coupled to our SWC walk, it makes for a most enjoyable, relaxing, perambulation along the coast.
Recommended for those who could not join us today. No further sign of dem Alsatian dogs............