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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday Walk: Bures to Sudbury - Gainsborough country

Book 1, Walk 8
16.0km (9.9 miles) or 12.6 km (7.8 miles) with shortcut that skips lunch.
Difficulty: 4/10
Chosen in the hope that Sudbury’s ancient Common Lands are awash with buttercups.
It’s an easy-going walk through the Stour Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Much is along the Stour Valley footpath, which is well way-marked.
Train 10:02 Ipswich Train from Liverpool Street. (Stratford 10:09). Change at Marks Tey for Sudbury (arr. 11:06 dep. 11:15 plat 3) arrive Bures 11:27.
Apparently, the Sudbury service now has request stops and you need to tell the guard you want off at Bures.
Return at xx:42 changing at Marks Tey.
Get a return to Sudbury.
The detour to the Henny Swan (tel 01787-269238), a pleasant riverside pub in Henny Street, is recommended. It serves food till 6 pm. The detour makes little difference to the overall length. Phoning advised.
Otherwise, the official lunch pub is the Bulmer Fox (tel 01787-312277) in Bulmer Tye. Serves food 12-3pm.
It is also possible to take a more direct route, avoiding either lunch pub. The churchyard in Great Henny, managed as a nature reserve, would make a good picnic stop.
Be prepared for a late lunch, unless you choose to picnic. By my calculations, you reach either pub at about 2. (If you want earlier, there's always the 9:02)
The suggested tea place is the Mill Hotel (tel 01787-375544) overlooking Sudbury Common Lands. As well as serving tea, there’s a bar for alcoholic drinks. Be sure to pay your respects to the mummified cat visible through the floor in the hotel lobby. After tea, allow 20 minutes to get to the station.
In Sudbury itself there are the Black Boy (tel 01787-379046) and White Horse (tel 01787-313508).
St Gregory’s church has a few interesting features. The head of Simon of Sudbury, forcibly detached during the Peasants Revolt, is still kept there (but not on view).
Walk directions: L=1.08


AR said...

8 started the walk from Bures in bright sunshine encountering large numbers of nettles on several pathways. When 2 attempted to avoid the nettles by taking an alternative route, they were confronted by an angry local who spotted them from his garden. 1 stopped at Great Henny church for a picnic lunch. The remaining 7 continued to the very busy Henry Swan pub where 4 dined. The cloudy cider with damson was enjoyed by 2 others. All 7 admired the buttercup meadows in Sudbury and 3 viewed the mummified feline in the Mill Hotel before walking through the town to the church with the crooked nave. 7 caught the train leaving Sudbury promptly at 16:42.


Marcus said...