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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Riddlesdown to Kingswood

CW2 15c - Riddlesdown to Kingswood*
Length: 15km (9.3 miles)
Toughness 4/10.
Catch the 10:21 train from London Victoria, arrives Riddlesdown 10:48

*Requires download 15c Alternative walk directions for a Riddlesdown to Kingswood walk. Travel: All within Zone 6. T=2.15


Anonymous said...

n=4 walkers, although we did see another couple with the SWC directions so we are not sure if they did the same walk. The weather was w=warm_and_sunny all day. Summer is a good time of year to do this walk with it's mix of shady woodland and open fields and valleys. There were masses of buttercups and other wild flowers in the meadows and crops in the fields. We saw wild orchids, water lillies in full bloom and butterflies. The Fox on Coulsdon Common was not busy and easily accommodated us. In the afternoon, we rested briefly on a sunny hillside overlooking a sweeping valley by Noke Farm, surrounded by sheep and lambs. Later, strolling through the golf course we made way for a Bride and Groom riding across the golf course in a golf buggy, presumably to their reception in the club house and we congratulated them as they went by. The Kingswood Arms at the end of the walk usually makes a nice tea stop, but today it was heaving with people (we think from the Derby races) and had a sign outside saying they were serving "regular customers only". As we didn't think we could get away with looking like we were dressed for the races we headed straight to the station. We had at least passed a small shop selling drinks and ice creams earlier in the afternoon, where those who needed to, had refuelled. A nice walk, despite having to cross the M23.

Anonymous said...

Just to add, this area was all dry underfoot yesterday.

DAC said...

Just to add, this area was all dry underfoot yesterday.
Certainly was.

I made it a morning walk, (caught an earlier train finishing at Kingswood at about 10:30).