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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Wednesday Walk Sunningdale to Windsor or Staines - Virginia Water, Windsor Great Park, Windsor Castle or Runnymede

Book 1, Walk 18: Sunningdale to Windsor or Staines

Length: 17 km (10.6 miles) for main walk. 16.8 km (10.4 miles) for Staines ending
Toughness: 2 out of 10

London Waterloo: 10-20 hrs   Reading service.  CJ 10-28 hrs
Arrive Sunningdale: 11-07 hrs

Windsor and Eton Riverside to Waterloo: 23 and 53 mins past the hour
Windsor and Eton Central to Paddington, changing trains at Slough: 16-19, 16-59, 17-19, 17-39, 18-00 and 18-19 hrs.
Staines to Waterloo - [S] slow service: 15-59, 16-03[S], 16-08, 16-29, 16-33[S], 16-38, 16-59, 17-03[S]

Rail ticket: If ending walk in Windsor: buy a day return to Windsor all stations plus a single from Staines to Sunningdale
If ending your walk in Staines, buy a day return to Sunningdale

Country walk purists are sniffy over today's walk, claiming it to be a parkland walk and not a proper  country walk. So what if it is more parkland - at this time of year the Karume azaleas should be at their very best and the rhododendrons should be coming on nicely in the glorious gardens you will be walking through: it makes for a lovely 10 mile walk, mostly mud free, and not to be sniffed at (and should make a nice change for those of you all bluebelled out).
I expect Windsor will be busy preparing for the Royal wedding but for those ending the walk in Windsor that should not be a problem. Plenty of tea shops and pubs should be open to quench your thirst.
The Staines ending was devised to offer walkers a pub lunch option (not available on the main walk, unless you have a tedious double back). I am told the Sun Inn at Englefield Green is perfectly acceptable for those who like classic pub nosh.
Lunch for those on the main walk is taken at the Savill Garden Restaurant, operated by Leiths, and most are happy with the fare on offer.
Do read the comprehensive introduction in the on-line Directions which contains lots of information on this walk, the history and sights.
Walk Directions here: L=1.18


Marion said...

I shall join the train at Twickenham

Marcus said...

Seven SWC walkers alighted from the posted train at Sunningdale, and one was on the next train, meeting up with us at lunch, so that is n=8 on a w=glorious-sunny-and-warm-day.
Some of us did our own thing when we reached Valley Gardens in the morning, wandering around and between the rhodos and azaleas which were in full bloom: I have never seen the gardens look so lovely and colourful in the sunshine.
Four picnicked at a bench overlooking Obelisk Pond, and four of us dined in the Savill Gardens cafeteria. I preferred the previous self-service counter arrangement, but having placed our orders we did not have to wait too long for our meals to arrive at our table, on the verandah, in the sunshine - and very good food, too. The picnickers joined us for a drink, then two left to continue the walk to Staines, with the rest of us opting to carry on to Windsor.
At the option point at the entrance to Windsor Park, four headed for the Copper Horse, and I was joined by one as I book checked the original book route. I got lost - a bit embarrassing as I did the previous update. The Copper Horsers kindly waited for us failed explorers to rejoin them on the Long Walk - that is, all bar one, who had out-jfked jfk herself by flagging down a passing horse and carriage to hitch a ride through Windsor Park. Rumours had it she was seen in Lady Muck mode, practising her waves to the peasants from the dicky seat in the carriage. She looked very pleased with herself when she deigned to rejoin us near the Castle. There were plenty of horse and carriages to be seen in the Park, out practising for a prestigious by-Royal-invitation-only three day event. I believe our audacious walker was with the Belgium competitor.
On eventually reaching the Castle (the Long Walk is a terrible tease - for those who do not cadge a lift - as the darn castle never seems to get any nearer) we stopped for a beer at the the Two Brewers pub, next to the Castle, where the owner was in the process of putting up bunting for a certain marriage in ten days time. Suitably refreshed, we then made our unhurried way down through the town to the Riverside railway station.
Another lovely Wednesday outing.