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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wednesday walk Guildford to Boxhill via Chantries Hill and Shere

Book 2, Walk 13d - Guildford to Boxhill

Length: 25 km (15.5 miles).  Option to end in Gomshall  (7 miles or 10.7 miles)
Toughness: long walk 7 out of 10. Gomshall endings 5 out of 10

London Waterloo:  10-15 hrs   Haslemere service    CJ 10-22 hrs
Arrive Guildford: 10-50 hrs

Return: Gomshall to Waterloo via Guildford:  13-53, 15-53 and 16-33 hrs
Return: Boxhill to London Victoria (change at Epsom for Waterloo): 15-59, 16-28, 17-03, 17-33, 17-58, 18-28, 18-57 and 19-28 hrs

Rail ticket: if planning to end your walk in Gomshall, buy a day return to Gomshall any route permitted.
If planning to walk to Boxhill, buy a day return to Guildford. You might be asked to buy a single from Boxhill to Leatherhead, but chances are you won't.

A hybrid, mix-and-match of a walk today, encompassing the best bits of a number of walks in this area, with some good bluebell woods along the way.
Leaving Guildford you walk beside the River Wey Navigation before crossing the canal and making for Chantries Hill with nice views from on top. Up to the church of  St Martha-on-the-Hill, then along the North Downs Way and down to the village of Shere, where you stop for lunch at the White Horse pub.
You can end your walk shortly after the village of Shere by heading direct to Gomshall (the 7 mile walk) or you can head up into the hills before descending to Gomshall (the 10-7 mile walk). But the suggested walk today has you up into the hills and along the ridge to Boxhill, passing some good bluebell woods along the way, and some excellent displays in Ranmoor Common towards walk-end.If you make it in time you can take tea at Denbies
Main walk directions here  L=2.13
For the Chantries start you will also need these directions


Walker said...

You almost certainly will get away with a day return to Guildford from Boxhill (clever! I hadn’t thought of that one) but a drt to Gomshall, even if you intend to walk Guildford to Boxhil, would seal the argument absolutely. Via Dorking is absolutely permissible as a way to Gomshall and Boxhill is on the way back from Dorking.

But yes, Leatherhead is on the way to Guildford too and a drt to Guildford is cheaper. Tee hee hee. What a fascinating world we live in....

Marcus said...

Mud warning: for those of you continuing the walk up onto the North Downs after Shere, en route to Boxhill, some paths are likely to be very muddy: best don gaiters after lunch (you should not need to wear them before).

Anonymous said...

Anyone attending this walk? Weather slight rain till 11am and possibly cloudy and even sunny in the afternoon. I intend to do Guildford to Gomshall (10.7mls). Care to join me?


Marcus said...

Monica, some of my companions on yesterday's walk will be joining you today, plus - I expect - some other Wednesday regulars. I decided against joining you as during the coming ten days I will be doing most legs of today's walk (in either direction) on other walks.

Anonymous said...

Marcus many thanks for your reply. Since I did not get any response earlier and as there was a walk on Tuesday guess no one will attend plus also weather wise not great. I would have love to attend yesterday's walk as I did it last year with you and few others - it was a great walk with blue bells etc. I shall be attend the May day bank holiday walk Holmwood to Gomshall.
I am not a fan of stiles like you say knees issues. Hope there aren't too many stiles on the walk Holmwood to Gomshall.
Regards Monica

Anonymous said...

n=1, w=wet

Marcus said...

Sorry to read that Anonymous was alone on today's wet walk. I did the walk in reverse on the following day, in fine Spring sunshine, starting at Box Hill and ending in Guildford, having followed Book 1, Walk 14, Gomshall to Guildford. A good lunch at the Compasses Inn, Gomshall, and some good displays of bluebells en route - but nothing like as good as those on our recent Shiplake and Tring walks.