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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sunday Walk: Knockholt Circular:

SWC Walk 7, 20km 12.3 miles
Difficulty 5/10 (some say 6 or 7)
A pretty, rural walk teetering on the edge of zone 6. It has hilly bits and some good views. In spring, parts of this walk are good for wild flowers and there are bluebell woods. Shortly after lunch, you pass Down House, once home to Charles Darwin and now open to visitors.
Trains: Get the 9:55 Tonbridge train from Victoria ( Brixton 10:02, Herne Hill, 10:04, West Dulwixch 10:06) arriving Knockholt at 10:45.
Trains return at xx:47 and xx:17.
Get a return to Knockholt. It is within London Zone 6, so a 1-6 travelcard would do.
Lunch: The Queens Head, Downe (01689)852145 or the George and Dragon (01689) 889030 across the road.
Admission to Down House £11:80.
Tea: Arthur's at Coolings Garden Centre is almost on the route. It closes about 4.
A diversion to the Cock Inn (see text) is another possibility.
The station is about 45 mins from Coolings and 30 mins from the Cock Inn.
Walk Directions here.


Anonymous said...

Ok thanks Mr M Tiger for your message. Just wondering since there's no booking system etc I may change my mind and do the Knockhold Circular. Are you doing this walk too?
Pleas let me know as soon as you can, sorry this is SO late

Andrew said...

Yes, and as often as you like!

Our walk's don't have leaders, so the walk poster doesn't necessarily do the walk. As we don't do prior reservations, its pot luck how many turn up.

Saturday's walks has 14, 16, 30 (a holiday) & 10

Mr M Tiger said...

My extensive network of spies has notified me there were n=9 (+ 1 woofer) on this walk. Some, apparently, were refugees from the w=hot-and-sunny conditions expected on the Deal-Dover walk.