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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Saturday Walk: Saunderton Circular via Bledlow

Saunderton Circular via Bledlow  Book 2 Walk 2
11.7 miles, 18.3 km.
Toughness: 6 /10

A fine walk in the Chilterns.
Trains: Take the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone arriving at Saunderton at 10:55.  Return trains from Saunderton at xx:50
Lunch: The Lions of Bledlow: 01844 343345
Tea:  The Golden Cross near Saunderton station is a great place to wait for the train. For an earlier stop, there is the Boot at Bledlow Ridge.

1 comment:

Mr M Tiger said...

N=18 on this walk on a w=warm-dry-and-even-occasionally-sunny day. Anyone looking forward to a mudbath would have been disappointed. Only the occasional lightly mired stretch to contend with.
Even the lunch pub gave us nothing to complain about with its big portions and alright beer. One or two hills it would be nice to get rid of, but, apart from that, a good day out.