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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Chiltern hills and canals

Tring to Wendover
Length: 21km (13 miles) Toughness: 6/10

10:01Northampton train from Euston arriving Tring at 10:36.

Return trains from Wendover to Marylebone are at xx:26 and xx:56 (journey time 54 mins).

Tring and Wendover are on different lines operated by different train operators, so the best ticket option is an All Zones Travelcard plus a single from Boundary Zone 6 to Tring and another single from Wendover to Boundary Zone 6.

After a flat start along the Grand Union Canal and through nature reserves, the route goes through fields and finally climbs high into the wooded hills of the Chilterns. The hills can be avoided by following a canal into Wendover.

The recommended lunch pub is The Oak in Aston Clinton (01296 630466), which is usually fully booked on a Sunday. A table for 6 has been reserved for 1:15pm in the name of the SWC. IMPORTANT - Please phone the pub as you leave Tring to let them know the exact number who want to eat there.

You will need to download the walk directions.



Unknown said...

Now I might do the Walk on Sunday. But I can't Guarantee I will. Another thing I am just wondering. Although the Train Departs from London Euston. it says Return Trains to London Marylebone. Can you go from London Marylebone as well?

Walker said...

No, Mark, unfortunately not. They are completely different lines, so you have to go out from Euston.

Unknown said...

I guess it's from London Euston to Tring. And from Wendover to London Marylebone on the way back.

David Colver said...

About n=12 on this walk, with one taxiing from Tring to lunch pub. w=Some_drizzle_in_the_afternoon.

As has already been recorded in the comments section of this walk, paragraphs 26 - 27 can't be completed as written because a housing estate is under construction right across the path. Finding a variety of ways round this obstacle took time, leading to late arrival at The Oak in Aston Clinton which not unreasonably had given away the reserved table, but still fed us with efficiency in the bar. Portion sizes were beyond generous, in some cases straying into the vulgar.

Four of us took the canal route into Wendover and spent some time observing a small duck-like creature that could scoot under the water for tens of metres at high speed. One of the signs included a picture of it but frustratingly didn't label it. Others went over the hill.

Tea for some at the Shoulder of Mutton and others at Rumsey's Chocolaterie. Most back on the 1726 train.

David Colver said...

On closer inspection, the written instructions do specify the diversion around the housing estate construction. The GPX leads you nose first into the barricades around it.