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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sussex Weald - Stonegate Circular

Stonegate Circular
Length: 15.5km (9.6 miles) Toughness: 3/10

09:55 Hastings train from Charing Cross (London Bridge 10:04, Orpington 10:20) arriving Stonegate at 11:07.

Return trains are at xx:23 (journey time 73 mins).

This walk in the Sussex Weald traverses rolling hills, quiet valleys, woods and pastureland. It arrives in the unspoiled village of Burwash for lunch and then passes Bateman’s, Rudyard Kipling’s former home, now a National Trust property.

Options for shortening or lengthening the walk are described in the directions.

The walk directions describe several possible places for lunch in Burwash, including the Rose and Crown (tel 01435 882600).

You will need to download the walk directions.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3 walkers today in sub zero winds with grey skies and light snow in the afternoon. This was the muddiest walk I've ever been on, and I've got the boots to prove it.Even the green pasture on the hilltops was completely sodden and felt like a wet sponge.
In two different large fields, an over population of horses being kept outdoors all winter, has reduced the land to a quagmire, forcing us out on the nearest road.
A large but unsociable group of younger walkers stormed off the train in front of us, took a wrong turning after 200m, and then followed us all the way to lunch.
We eat sandwiches in the porch of Burwash church, then sped onwards to catch the 1623 home. Joe.

Anonymous said...

n=3 w=very-cold-with-some-snow