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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday Walk: Kelvedon Circular

SWC Walk 216
Toughness 3/10
Length: 10, 12, or 14.4 miles (16.3, 19.3 or 23.2 km.)
It's spring and, in East Anglia, the winter bus replacements have gone back into storage. The station master has got the train out of the shed and is dusting it down. The good people of Essex can once more thrill to the sound of our boots tramping along their ancient byways.
This is a historic area. Walk highlights include an old mill, medieval abbey buildings, and Grange Barn (said to be the oldest timber-framed building in Europe). The town of Coggeshall, visited at lunchtime, has over 300 listed buildings, many of them medieval, including an ornate 15th C merchants house (Paycockes).
Take the 10:02 Ipswich train from Liverpool Street, arriving Kelvedon at 11:00.
Return trains at xx:41.
There are many options in Coggeshall, see the walk notes. Some of the pubs (e.g. the Chapel Inn and Woolpack) are very old. There's also the Clock House Tea Rooms and, on the full walk, an ancient barn in Marks Hall Gardens serves as a tea room.
The Bell Inn in Feering (01376 570 375) is passed first. The Sun Inn, Feering Hill (01376 570 442), only 10 minutes from the station, is the recommended stop. Later still, you got the Railway Tavern in Kelvedon. (01376 570293).
You can see the outside of  both Grange Barn and Paycockes for free. If you want to look inside, joint admission is £7.50 for non-NT members.  Admission to Marks Hall Gardens & Arboretum is £5.75
Walk Directions here.
The shorter options involve cutting out all or part of the Marks Hall loop.


Amib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amib said...

I did a variant of this walk on Friday and all good with the instructions. I did the 'extension' out to Nunn's Bridge and then omitted both of the 'outer loops', making for a walk of about 12 miles.
The wind/sun had dried the ground out a bit, but rain tonight could change that.
At St Nicholas' Chapel, I had the pleasure of meeting 88 year old 'Jack', the benefactor of the seat outside, who is also a keyholder. Thus, I had the unusual privilege of being able to view inside. It was filmed, but won't be uploaded before tomorrow's walk.
The A120 crossing is a bit harum-scarum, twice, but patience gets you safely across.
There's a very good Indian about 10 mins further up the High Street from the Railway Tavern.

Chris L said...

You were right first time, Mr Tiger, so please move the earlier comment back to Ham Street again! There were just 3 on the Kelvedon walk in overcast conditions with an hour of light rain in the morning, and plenty of muddy bridleways throughout. Time was spent admiring historic buildings in Coggeshall, and yes, we lunched in the Woolpack Inn, too!

Mr M Tiger said...

n=3 w=overcast-conditions-with-an-hour-of-light-rain-in-the-morning (see previous comment)