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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Saturday Walk: Guildford to Horsley

SWC Walk 131 - Guildford to Horsley
12.9 miles / 20.8 km

Trains: Take the 10:00 from London Waterloo, arriving at Guildford at 10:33.  Trains back from Horsley run at xx11/xx20/xx41/xx50.  Buy a day return to Guildford.

Lunch: The Drummond at Albury (01483 202 039), 5.5 miles into the walk.  Or further on there is a cafe at Newlands Corner (6.6 miles).

Tea:  The nearest stop to the station is one mile before at The Barley Mow in West Horsley.  The Budgens by the station serves hot drinks.



Anonymous said...

Anyone doing the short walk on this please?

Walker said...

N=12 on this walk on a w=grey-but-reasonably-mild day. Spots of rain in the morning but they never amounted to much, but the same was true of the brightness in the afternoon which never quite developed into sunshine.

A nice walk. Muddy in places but not terribly so. Misty views. Some tentative signs of spring. Several walkers expresssed delight at the scenery.

A table having been helpfully booked for eight at the Drummond pub by one of the party, exactly that number wanted a pub lunch. Attempts to order at the bar were thwarted by the manager who insisted that the kitchen would be “overwhelmed” by eight individual orders but would produce food at lightening speed if eight orders went in together. Similar logic prevented us from ordering drinks at the bar too. Heigh-ho. But to his credit he waived the customary twenty minute delay before taking our order at the table and the food when it came was very nice. The ploughman’s was an extraordinary feast of cheeses and pates and charcuterie.

In the afternoon we whizzed past the Newlands Corner tea kiosk and the tea van in the woods whizzed off when it saw us coming: did we look that scary? So thirst had to be kept in check until the Barley Mow, busy with people watching England lose to France in some sporting contest or other. Five of us lingered here for a second drink and walked the last bit along the railway line in the dark, getting the 7.20 train back to our respective ready meals.