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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Saturday walk - Great Missenden to Amersham - Chiltern views and lots of lunch options

Length: 16.3km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

9.57 train from Marylebone to Great Missenden, arriving 10.38.

Buy a day return to Great Missenden. See below for notes on its validity on the return journey.

For walk directions click here and for GPX file click here.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, 11 March, and though there is usually limited spillover of that into Saturday, it is always nice on this day to have a walk with a choice of lunch pubs, just in case they are a bit booked out. Well, this walk has five, last time I counted - two in pretty Little Missenden three miles in, and two more in Penn Street 5.8 miles in, with a further one mid afternoon as a back stop.

It is also a walk that has not had a weekend outing for two and a half years......not since I last posted it in September 2015, in fact.

Its pubs apart, attractions of the walk include what is usually a nice collection or snowdrops in Great Missenden churchyard (though they could be going over now), and plenty of expansive views. Also some muddy fields (though touch wood they might be firming up a bit now). Unusually for a Chilterns walk there is not much woodland.

In Amersham there is a nice deli for tea and fine pubs. It is a 20 minute or so walk up the hill to Amersham station.

Returning from Amersham, your easiest and quickest option is the 09 or 39 past trains into Marylebone. Your return ticket is definitely valid on those.

There are also Metropolitan Line trains at 17 and 47 past. I have always assumed that Chilterns Railway tickets were NOT valid on these, but I recall someone telling me they can be used as far as Harrow-on-the Hill and to Baker Street but not to any other Metropolitan stations between Harrow and Baker Street. I have never tested this, however. If anyone does and it works (or doesn't), do let us know. T=1.5


Walker said...

One of the treats of doing walks out of Marylebone is the cafe on the corner across the road from the station entrance. It is the last of the great London greasy spoons. Fabulously fast service - it makes McDonalds look sluggish - and great traditional breakfasts (including vegetarian options). You can be in and out in 20 minutes. Recommended!

Anonymous said...

Cracking walk.

Anonymous said...

Going. Thanks for putting this very scenic walk on.

Anonymous said...

Mud, Mud, and fluid! Perhaps that was the reason why the walk has not been featured for 2.5 years. Despite all these, more than n=20 came on the walk, rain held off all day, we even had a brief spell of sunshine. w=overcast+sunshine. Most stopped at Squirrel for lunch and some sat outside. We arrived at Amersham in good time ~ 4pm, by this time, fast walkers have long vanished. Some had tea/cake at Seasons Cafe Deli - The zuccini pistachio lime curd cake was delicious. We caught 5:09 train back to London.