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Friday, 30 March 2018

Good Friday - Ely Circular: Ely, River Great Ouse, Fens, and Ely Cathedral for Evensong

SWC 118: Ely Circular

Length: 18 km (11.2 miles): shorter and longer options available
Toughness: 2 out of 10.  Most of the walk is flat

London Kings Cross:  10-14 hrs   Great Northern, Cambridge service
Arrive Ely: 11-21 hrs

Return: Direct services back to Kings Cross: where you have to change at Cambridge [C]: 16-25, 16-58, 17-25, 17-54, 17-59[C], 18-29, 18-59, 19-06, 19-52[C], 20-06, 20-52[C],21-06, 21-50[C], 22-06

Ely Cathedral: Sung Evensong at 17-30 hrs

In previous years on Good Friday I have sent you off on the Chilham to Canterbury walk for your Easter pilgrimage. However, with the mid-point lunch pub closure, and Walker's posting of a Canterbury Circular walk in mid April, I thought Ely would be a good alternative this year. That said, I have never done this walk, so I will leave you to read the walk notes for background information.

Your lunch stop is the Red Lion in Stretham, some 5.1 miles into the walk. Best 'phone ahead with numbers -01353-648132.

There are lots of tea options back in Ely, including the Cathedral's cafe. For those wishing to attend Evensong in the Cathedral, you should have time for tea before attending the service.

Enjoy !
Walk Directions here L=swc.118


Judith said...

probably a big late to mention this now (11pm Thursday) but one of the maps shows a new bypass in construction linking the A10 and A142, just south of Ely, partly where we are intending to walk. Any ideas if it is going to hinder us?

sylvia said...

15 on walk, 2 of whom got an earlier train. A very good, companionable day out, dry to start with and rain coming in later in afternoon proving a bit heavy by the time we reached beautiful Ely. The cathedral is magnificent, worth the trip in itself. The walk is undemanding but good for big skies and fen type things. The Red Lion at Stretham let down the pub lunchers by saying there'd be long delays so everyone but two early starters gave up and made do with sandwiches from the very well stocked village shop, free apples in church porch, or held out for a meal in Ely. Five of us enjoyed good tea and cake at Kemptons in Ely, very reasonable prices and the savoury dishes looked a bargain. We'd got to the town so early that all but one decided not to wait for 5.30pm Evensong, the weather being a bit miserable by then, and nearly all managed to get the 16.58 train home. Just as a bit of warning to train travellers generally, one of our group on the way out unfortunately was fined for not having a ticket on the train by an over zealous inspector. She'd got on at the last minute and expected to be able to buy it on board, so do be careful.

Marcus said...