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Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Monday - Glynde to Seaford: an energetic but rewarding walk up and over the South Downs

Book 1, Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford

Length: 23 km (14.3 miles)
Toughness: 8 out of 10

London Victoria: 09-47 hrs   Ore train.  CJ 09-53,  EC 10-03
Arrive Lewes: 10-47 hrs.  Change trains
Leave Lewes: 11-09 hrs   Ore and Eastbourne stopping service from Brighton
Arrive Glynde: 11-14 hrs

Those wanting to "go long" today by adding [as a pre-walk to today's main walk], the opening leg of Book 2, Walk 25, from Lewes to Glynde via  Mount Caburn, then you should take the 08-47 hrs train from Victoria. You should reach Glynde station at the time the main walkers arrive.

Return: Seaford to Victoria via Lewes: 57 mins past the hour.
Return: Seaford to Victoria via Brighton: 25 mins past the hour

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Seaford

Today's walk up and over the South Downs is a favourite of many a SWC walker, and it should make a pleasant Spring outing today if the weather is half decent. As I am sure most of you will have given this walk a go at least once before now, I will limit the pre-amble to a few salient facts and tips, leaving newcomers to read the notes in the walk directions.

Lunch today can be taken at one of the three pubs in Alfriston, which you should reach by 13-30 hrs. Being a Bank Holiday they are all likely to be busy, particularly if the weather is nice, so best if you split up and mix and match. There is also a good pub in Litlington - the Plough and Harrow - which you reach 40 mins after leaving Alfriston.  There is also at least one deli and convenience store in Alfriston for sandwichers to buy provisions.

You can stop for an early tea in Exceat Country Park, or at the pub at Exceat Bridge. You can also terminate your walk in Exceat by taking the bus to Seaford or Eastbourne ( a frequent service).

Wednesday walkers  on 14 March diverted off the Vanguard Way, shortly after the start of your final leg today, and walked through the farms below Seaford Head to view the new born lambs recently turned out into the fields. You might like to do the same on today's walk before your final stretch  along the clifftops to Seaford.  There are pubs and bars in Seaford for tea before you start your journey home.  Trawlers fish and chips restaurant usually opens on Bank Holidays for those wanting  more substantial sustenance at walk-end.
Walk Directions here: L=1.31

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